Visa requirements for Singapore citizens

The visa requirements for Singaporean citizens are restricted to administrative wise. The authorities of other stated is imposed to the citizens of the country. On 28the September 2019, the citizens of Singapore received visa free or access for visa arrival for 190 countries. Singapore’s passport ranks number 1 compared to all the other countries in the world.  Along with the Singaporean passport, Japanese passport is also ranked top in the world according to Hanley Passport Index.

The other fact is that the visa free access is provided to all nations under ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). The Singaporean passport is 1 among the 4 passports which are allowed to enter in visa-free entry or in entry via an electronic travel authorisation which is the world’s largest economies, the other 3 countries along with Singapore are Brunie, Japan and San Marino.

  • The People’s Republic of China is a visa free for 15 days.
  • India e-Visa is for 60 days.
  • The European Union is visa-free for 90 days with 180 days and
  • The United States ESTA is for 90 days.

New visa system for SG citizens

The visa requirements for Singaporean citizens has been lifted up by

  • Belarus on 12th February 2017
  •  Paraguay on 5th October 2017
  • Djibouti on 21st January 2018
  • Uzbekistan on 10th February 2018
  • Armenia on 21st March 2018
  • Angola on 30th March 2018
  • Guinea on 20th November 2018

In August 2017 the Singapore citizens are eligible for electronic visas for validity for 8 days for Primorye, Kamchatka and Sakhalin regions of the Far East in Russia, for tourism and humanitarian purposes. In January 2018, Australia introduced new 6-year visa for Singaporean citizens.

The visitor visa which is subclass 600 where Singaporean citizens are allowed to visit Australia for up to 3 months at a time within 6-year period on a single application from 12 months under the pre-existing Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). In September 2019, Saudi Arabia made in Singaporean citizens eligible for either an e-Visa or visa on arrival as part of its plan to diversify the economy by developing its tourist industry.

Visa requirements for Singaporean citizens;

  • Visa does not require for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).
  • During the arrival visa is obtainable.
  • Electronic Authorisation or eVisa.
  • Visa is available for both arrival and online.
  • Visa requirements for Singaporean citizens for visits to various territories, disputed areas, countries recognized partially and restricted zones.

APEC business travel card:

Holder of APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) who travels on business do not require a visa for the following countries;

  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • Chile
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

The card is used as conjunction with a passport for the following advantages;

  • There will not be any necessity for the Singaporean applicant to apply for a visa or any entry permit to APEC countries since the card is placed according to that way
  • The applicant can undertake legitimate business in participating economies
  • The borders are expediting in crossing for all the member in economies and including members who are transitional
  • Expedited scheduling of visa interview for the States

Automated clearance:

Singapore citizens are eligible for the immigration clearance which is automated. The following selected countries which can be automated are as follows;

  • Australia – SmartGate
  • Hong Kong – e-Gate
  • Italy – eGate
  • Japan – Japan Trusted Traveller Program
  • New Zealand – eGate
  • Thailand – Automated Gate
  • United Kingdom – Registered Traveller
  • United States – Global Entry
  • United Arab Emirates – e-Gate

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