7 Reasons for Invest in Dubai Business - Why it is Profitable?

The world seems to be facing bitter scenarios since the beginning of 2020 due to economic, geo political and environmental jeopardy. Few nations managed to keep up with the economy. Dubai is one of the nations which have successfully retained their status in line of commercial infrastructures and developments. This could be one of the biggest reasons why investment in Dubai is profitable among commercial and international business bodies even in 2020. 

If we see the past records, Dubai’s economy seems to have grown at an extraordinary rate in field of various business investments. The land mass and infrastructure took full advantage of this growth. The diversity and varieties of multicultural businesses influenced rapid development of the nation.  This, as a result created a better environment for both native and international investors as well as their businesses in this country.

Such splendid synchronization of demands, supplies and usage of the land mass not just turn out to be a heaven for international business organizations but also gave reasons to many new comers in business of why investment in Dubai is profitable. So, with no further delay, throughout this article, we will also try to find out the reasons why investors find Dubai as a convenient destination to invest for their businesses.

Why Investments in Dubai is Profitable?

1. Convenience in doing business

An international report in 2019 suggests that UAE ranked among the top 15th globally in all categories that is related to business convenience for any commercial or new business individuals. In some of these categories, which are vital for running a business, Dubai ranked among the top 10. Following table shows the rank chart of Dubai for each facility required to conduct any businesses:

Business Facilities Global Ranking
Getting electricity 1st
Tax pay 2nd
Getting construction permits 5th
Property registration 7th
Contract enforcements 9th
Minority investment protection 15th

2. Impressive economic growth

When investment is under consideration, what all international business bodies see at the very beginning is the nation’s economic status. Investors never show interest of doing business in a country where economic prospective is down. When this is the case, Dubai is enjoying pretty positive reports. Various statistical reports suggest Dubai has a rising economic growth and this growth is not going down any time sooner.

This is certainly a positive indication for business initiators and global businesses who want to expand further. When other Middle Eastern nations are suffering crises due to Oil devaluation, this impressive economic growth is possible in Dubai due to its planned progress, far sighted economic policies.

3. Flexible Taxation policies

It is impressive that how Dubai came out with such flexible taxation policies. This nation literally doesn’t impose any personal income tax. This is certainly an exciting offer for the investors. In addition with that, in 2018, the business Act of Dubai made a rule that foreign investors are allowed to own 100% of their company ownership, without putting up any share for local shareholders.

This along with 10 years residency permit for foreign investors also added up spark on the pick of investor’s interests for Dubai. The flexibility in taxation policies therefore not only have opened up the free lifestyle for foreign investors towards the businesses but also towards living and spending quality life in Dubai.  

4. Stable political condition

Dubai earned their stable political status in 1971. Since then the country put up the flag for the nations people to ensure stability in political fields. The visionary policies of the politicians knew that, Dubai can reach the economic height only through ensuring stable political scenario. Such far sighted leadership therefore focused solely on infrastructure and economic developments of the nation. This ultimately put a positive wave on social, environmental and cultural attributes of Dubai.

Since Dubai gained its stable political stability, the country chose the constitutional monarchy. This is still running strongly with success in the nation with a vision of the Founding Fathers in peace of the nation. This turn out so successful that Dubai managed to raise a separate department for ‘Happiness’, in the nation. This is known as the Ministry of Happiness. The sole purpose of this department is to ensure happiness and positivity of lifestyle for residents in every aspect while residing in Dubai. This can be possible only when a nation possess a solid political stability.

5. Strong national infrastructure

Starting from the world’s tallest building to the world’s biggest airport, Dubai authority put a strong focus on national infrastructure developments in Dubai. For instance, in 2016, Dubai announced to establish the world’s biggest wholesale city. The investment of such development had an estimated cost of about AED 30 billion.

The country also erected the tallest buildings in the world, Burj Khalifa. This building not only accommodates thousands of residents, but also a major business hub in the world and business advantages in Dubai. Similarly, Dubai International Airport as well as Jabel Ali port in Dubai has various titles and records for providing world class and ranked for fastest growing airport in the world.

The airport said to have handled about 41 million international passengers in 2009. Jebel Ali Port on the other hand said to have increased their worked capacity by about 40% in 2009. All these infrastructure developments prove to be very beneficial for foreign investments. These clearly can be another reason why investment in Dubai is profitable.

6. Tourist culture

Dubai s highly recommended and appreciated for tourism. Being a gulf nation, the country has been decorated in such a splendid way that, tourists can’t keep their eyes away from this nation. The nation, on the other hand gives luxurious facilities and world class entertainments which attracts all sort of   tourists.

The rich history, green technologies, stat of the art infrastructures, fascinating usages of latest and renowned technologies keep the tourists mesmerized all the time during their visit in Dubai. The country in a short term turned out to be the oasis or for some people managed to become the jewel of the desert.

When you are a tourist and have got a bucket list to fulfill, it is highly recommended to in Dubai, which might meet most of your wishes all in one destination, this is because although being a desert nation, Dubai offers all, starting from Formula 1 racing to Dubai world cup, rugby, crickets.

Don’t get surprised while skiing on the Dubai indoor snow havens or toying around with your kids in virtual reality shows every now and then when shopping in Dubai malls. When tourism is in pick, you can expect pick in businesses relevant to tourism as well. This leads to another reason why investment in Dubai is profitable.

7. Social Security and safety

Dubai is one of the safest cities to live. When foreign investments and tourist culture is on the way, the nation has to ensure top class social security and safety. You can check out the list of free zones in Dubai. Dubai has clearly met this criterion up to the mark. The country has very low crime rate. Thanks to the nation’s stable law and legal system.

Not only the nation got stable legal bodies, it also has up to date and latest additions of technologies and manpower every now and then, when it is about providing security, and safety to the residents in this country.

This efficient legal system doesn’t stop there, the nation proved out to be not only the safest nation among gold regions, but also one of the safest countries in the world for its residents and investors working in Dubai.


Where can I invest in Dubai?

Best places to invest in Dubai are:
**Dubai Marina
**Invest in Barsha Heights
**Business Bay and Downtown Dubai
**Jumeirah Village Circle
**Dubai Sports City

Is it a good idea to invest in Dubai?

Definitely a good idea, according to the international business report, Dubai has the most prospective reputation for investment. Following are the ranks according to international business journal that favor business investment in Dubai:
**Getting electricity:  ranked 1st
**Paying tax: Ranked 2nd
**Getting construction permits: Ranked 5th
**Registering properties: Ranked 7th
**Enforcement of contracts: Ranked 9th
**Minority investment protection: Ranked 15th

Can I buy a property in Dubai?

Yes, regardless of any nationality or religion, you can purchase property in Dubai. All it needs is proper authority certification or approval and authorization of His Highness the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. The advantage is that, to purchase a property you don’t need to be a resident of Dubai. However you can register your property in designated areas only.

What is the best investment sector in Dubai?

Along with other businesses such as bond and share businesses, green energy, Investment in Real Estate business is considered to be best sector in Dubai.

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