Corporate Income tax Bolivia

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Corporate Income tax Bolivia
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The Bolivian income framework contains a strangely vast number of charges, prompting unpredictability and perplexity that make the framework hard to uphold. Pay charges are to a great degree low, with a level individual rate of 13%. There are no neighborhood assesses on individual salary in Bolivia.

  1. Income Tax in Bolivia
Bolivia corporate income tax RateThe general statutory corporate wage charge rate for Bolivian branches of foreign or overseas organizations is 25%.
Assessable Base

All incomes are dependent on salary. Prohibited Items are subtracted from Gross Income. Finally Costs and Expenses are deducted from gross income. A 25% expense rate is charged then from net taxable income.

Least Taxable IncomeThere is no base Net Taxable Income.

When in doubt all expenses and costs are deductible given that they are identified with the salary delivering movement. Any expenses or costs identified with Excluded and additionally Exempted Items of Income are not deductible. A few expenses and costs are constrained or taboo, contingent upon the realities and conditions of each case, e.g., related gathering charges (interests), commissions, among others.


Unmistakable settled resources’ deterioration is deductible. Deterioration term differs relying upon the idea of the benefit; 20 years for land, 10 years for all other unmistakable settled resources, aside from engine vehicles and PCs for which controls build up a 5-year term. Intangibles with a settled cost may likewise be deteriorated in five years. All-inclusive utilized techniques are for the most part acknowledged in Bolivia for assess purposes, e.g., straight-line strategy, declining balance strategy, and so forth.

Exchange Pricing

Bolivia has not built up any exchange valuing rules. As an essential start, all exchanges brought out through by related gatherings ought to be completed as though they were regarded to be autonomous gatherings.

Expense Losses Carry-forward/Carry-back

A Bolivian citizen can convey forward expense misfortunes for a boundless time frame.

There is no convey back probability.

Expense misfortunes can be credited towards (and are topped by) the citizen’s net pay for the derivation’s assessable year. Consequently, an expense misfortune conclusion can’t produce additionally impose misfortunes.

Duty misfortunes can’t be exchanged to different citizens (not to the investors), with the exception of as gave in the instances of rearrangements. There are three sorts of tax-exempt 36 – an outline of principle corporate assessments in chose purviews 2010 rearrangements approved by Bolivian law (statutory tax-exempt mergers, statutory duty-free turn offs and statutory tax-exempt changes). In all cases, the assessment qualities of the objective organization are transferable to the surviving or coming about company. On account of tax-exempt mergers, the previously mentioned general confinements still apply.

In any case, for this situation charge misfortunes are transferable to the new or surviving element. For tax-exempt turn offs some portion of the expense misfortunes of the objective element are exchanged to the subsequent substances. A confinement was put forward by a pronouncement incomparable constraining the convey forward of misfortunes coming about because of any of the past redesigns in a time of four years. In light of the past constraint and considering that the law puts forward no confinement at all on the convey forward of misfortunes, it is exceptionally liable to have an ideal administering on the off chance that the preeminent declaration is tested.

Tax-Exempt Reorganizations

As a rule, tasks including statutory tax-exempt mergers, statutory tax-exempt turn offs and statutory tax-exempt changes are not burdened with the Corporate Income Tax, the Value Added Tax and the Tax on Transactions.

Installment and FilingFor any given assess able year the comparing wage government form and duty obligation must be recorded and paid inside 12 0 days following the end of the financial year. The end of the financial year differs relying upon the kind of big business and the line of doing business.
Punishments on Unpaid Tax or Tax Paid BelatedlyUnpaid expenses are liable to delay intrigue that ought to be surveyed at the official rate settled by the comparing controls.


The Tributary Debt (DT) is the aggregate sum to be paid once the term for the installment of the tributary commitment is expected. The DT is constituted by the Omitted Tribute (TO), the Penalties (M) when appropriate, communicated in U.F. V’s (Housing Promotion Unit, a referential list) and the interests (r), as indicated by the accompanying:

DT = TO x (1 + r/360) n + M

Different punishments apply for non-recording or off base documenting, which may run from settled fines dictated by directions material to individual or lawful elements and depending on the realities and conditions of each case.

Profits Tax/Branch Profits Tax

There is a 12.5% settlement assess on profits and branch benefits transmitted abroad to non-inhabitant outsider substances or people. It applies just on all profits dispatched abroad, and on all branch, benefits acknowledged on the assess able year whether they are transmitted abroad or not. On the off chance that the profits or benefits are reinvested, the assessment still applies.

Cross-fringe Payments


Withholding Taxes

At the point when Bolivian sourced pay is dispatched abroad to a recipient that is an alien outsider individual or substance, the installment ought to be liable to a withholding charge.
ProfitsAside from the relating benefits exhausted at the corporate level, a withholding assessment of 12.5% is pertinent.

Eminence installments are liable to a powerful 12.5% withholding charge for money and settlement charges.

Specialized Services, Technical Assistance and Consulting Services

Regardless of whether rendered in Bolivia or abroad by a non-inhabitant, specialized administrations and ethnically help installments are liable to 12 .5% withholding for money and settlement charges.

Different Services

Installments for administrations rendered from abroad (regardless of their tendency) are liable to a 12.5% withholding charge.

Intrigue and Leasing PaymentsWhen in doubt, installments performed as per remote obligation assertions and cross-outskirt renting understandings are liable to a 12.5% viable withholding for money and settlement charges.
Value ReimbursementsValue repayments not relating to profit or benefit appropriations are not assess able things of salary for the remote investor. In this manner no withholding assessments ought to apply.
Duty Havens

There are no particular principles with respect to Tax Havens.

Confinements for Costs and Expenses Incurred Abroad by Bolivian Taxpayers Costs and costs acquired abroad might be deducted as long as they are identified with the organization’s exercises and are legitimately recorded.

Assessment Treaties

Bolivia has gone into the accompanying assessment bargains to dodge twofold tax assessment:

– Andean Pact Countries, Directive 578.

– Republic of Argentina (October 30, 1976).

– Federal Republic of Germany (September 30, 1992).

– Kingdom of Sweden (January 14, 1994).

– United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (November 3, 1994).

– Republic of France (December 15, 1994).

– Kingdom of Spain (May 30, 1997).

  1. Esteem Added Tax (VAT)

2.1.1. Duty Rates: VAT’s general rate is 13%.

Assessable Transactions

Deal or importation of versatile substantial property. Administrations rendered in Bolivia.

Assessable Base

When in doubt, the assess able base is the cost or estimation of the thought paid for the products or administrations rendered.

Respectable VAT

When in doubt, is respectable all VAT paid to suppliers for unmistakable mobile property purchased or imported and for administrations contracted, gave that they constitute a cost or cost of the citizen’s salary delivering movement.

Chosen VAT Incentives

The brief importation of merchandise isn’t liable to import VAT. Among others, the accompanying exchanges are VAT exempted: Interests produced from managing an account task. Exchange of offers, debentures and different securities Transfer of merchandise coming about of a secularization procedure. Task of managing an account, protection and annuity reserves portfolios. Social exercises rendered by Bolivian specialists.

Installment and Filing

VAT has a one-month assess able period. In this manner, the expense must be evaluated and a VAT return documented month to month. The VAT return must be recorded and forked over the required funds on the documenting dates booked by the expense specialists for these reasons, which are generally every fifteenth day following the relating month to month time span’s end.

  1. Different Taxes and rate
Assessment on Windfalls

This is a national level assessment. It assesses the recipient of any bonus relying upon his/her association with the giver. Contingent upon said relationship, the expense rate ranges from 1% to 20%.

Property as corporate income Tax BoliviaThere is city (nearby regional level) imposes on land and vehicles. The rate for these duties is set in city laws embraced by every territory yearly, in this way they may change.
Monetary Transactions TaxThis assessment is a national level duty. It was made to impose any credit or charge n the citizens record and it is withheld by Bolivian banks (and different reserve funds foundations). It applies on any stored reserves that are either pulled back or exchanged from checking or bank account. The assess able base is the sum pulled back or exchanged.



The expense rate is 0.15 for every thousand. There are extremely constrained exceptions. It is an imperative assessment to remember while organizing exchanges income. Despite the fact that the duty was made with a two-year term confine, law 3446 expanded this term for another period, this season of three years beginning on July 21st, 2006.

Extract TaxThis expense is appropriate to the deal or authoritative importation of certain extravagance merchandise (e.g. cigarettes, Vehicles, mixed beverages, and so on).

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