Small business ideas in Canada

Small business ideas in Canada

Canada has a lot of business opportunities for potential investors to invest in any form of businesses in the country. Entrepreneurs or businessmen can choose from a wide range of businesses.

Investors can either invest in an already existing business or start a new business from scratch.

With the Canadian economy doing so well, there are no shortages of options and almost all of them are likely to bring profitable returns if run properly. With all that being said, listed below are some of the small business ideas in Canada that may attract investors:

Business consultation agency

With a booming economy, there are no shortages of new businesses that are being started every day in Canada. With the banks of Canada being ever helpful in allowing loans to start new businesses, a lot of entrepreneurs are coming up.

However, these people have a lot of enthusiasm and contain a lot of ideas to start businesses but they often don’t have any sort of experience. They need some form of guide to help them get started. This is where a business idea such as a business consultation agency comes into play.

If you are the kind of person who has years of experience in running any sort of business then you can start such an agency. Your credentials alone will attract new comers and you wouldn’t need much to get started in Canada anyway.

Automobile services

Canada is one country where almost everyone has their own vehicles. It is also one country where the weather is constantly changing and with the severe snowfalls every once in a while, people have high maintenance for their cars. This makes investing in an automobile service very lucrative. There will not a lack of customers.

The work will be relatively easy and simple. Investing in an already established company will allow you to build on their already existing customer base and the company can be turned into a franchise and expanded further across the country.

Courier Services

Online shopping has become the biggest norm in recent times and people are always buying products online. While it has made shopping easier, the hardest part is to wait for those products to be delivered. Opening up a courier service which will deliver products from the suppliers to the customers is a very risk free job.

Since people are always buying things online, there will be plenty of work available. It is a low investment business idea and all you have to do is set up a small office and hire local workers who know the area very well. Deliver fast and on time, and the business shall make a good reputation and become big eventually.


The online content market is quite big these days. Every day people are looking up the internet to find new information regarding practically everything. Opening up an online blogging business that provides fresh content every week will attract a lot of customers.

Hire skilled writers who have experiences in certain fields, such as travelers to write for travel content, technology experts for technology review contents, fitness enthusiasts for fitness articles and so on.

The more content you provide, the more traffic you will gain and the more profit you chance to make. Once again it’s a small investment that can get this kind of business started but with big growth potential. As small business ideas in Canada, blogging is a smart choice if you are an expert on anything, let start today.


Canada has so many wonderful places to visit, with architectural beauty, historic places, natural sightseeing spots and so on. Investing in tourism is one of the best ways to get your business started in Canada. All you have to do is make aggressive marketing and offer travel deals to tourists.

You do not have to provide flight and accommodation deals initially but providing package deals such as visiting certain places for less money will surely get the customers coming. You could even make deals with the local rest houses and hotels to given the tourist certain discounts on accommodations.

Restaurants and Cafes

The food industry is such that it will never go out of fashion. As long as people need food, the restaurants and cafes are going to be in business. The trick here is to provide quality food with great services.

Seeing how you are a foreigner and not of local origin, you can introduce some sort of authentic cuisine from your country of origin. That will ensure you stand out from the rest of the restaurants and people will always be eager to try out something new.

Freelance Bookkeeping

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of small business ideas in Canada might be started. Not all of them can afford to keep a full time accountant nor do they need one.

They do need the services of a bookkeeper every now and then and this is where you can do good business. If you are good in bookkeeping then offering them your services will be a win-win situation for both parties. And since its freelance work, you will be able to do other jobs too.

Car Rent

Rent a car services are in huge demand in North America. If you have the sufficient capital available then buy an adequate number of cars which can be further rented out to your customers at a decent rate.

The above-mentioned business opportunities are the strongest to ensure and secure. There are quite a lot of other small business ideas in Canada. All of the business ideas mentioned need time, dedication and hard work in the beginning to succeed.

In fact, investing in new business in Canada is an inevitable way to succeed in this country and at the same time, you could be market leaders too.

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