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Virtual office rent France

A virtual office is an office but without the physical office space to work in. Basically if you rent a virtual office you’re renting the business address and communication services that the virtual office provider is giving.

Business address services

  • A virtual office allows you to have a business address without actually renting the office space. Normally virtual office providers are located in a prestigious area. This allows you to have a business address in that area and somewhat elevates the status of your company.
  • A virtual office also can provide mailing services. If you run a home based business and wish to have privacy, you can use the address of the virtual office and direct all your business mails to that address.
  • Mail scanning – You can authorize the virtual office (VO) to open and scan all your mail. You can also tell them to digitally scan the mail and email a copy to you so that you can work on the letter immediately. You can schedule a time to visit the VO to pick up the original copies later.

Communication services

  • Receptionist services – A receptionist at the VO can answer all calls for your business. Normally when you rent a VO, a dedicated phone number will be given. As such you can use this number on your business cards. When your customer calls this number, a receptionist will answer the call and either takes a message for you or they can forward the call to your personal number.
  • Voicemail services – You can also opt for this service where you can access the voicemail that you receive from the VO system.

Charges for a virtual office in France

The charges for renting a VO in France ranges from EUR220 to EUR300. This depends on the location and the VO provider. The better the location and the more well known the VO provider is, the rental will definitely be higher.

What are the advantages of a virtual office in France

  • Saving on rent – When you rent a virtual office, you are saving a lot on the rental of a full office space. As a comparison, a full office space in France can cost anywhere from EUR930 to EUR1450 depending on the size. With a VO you can also save on your utility costs.
  • Image – You can portray a professional image with a VO. As mentioned earlier, you can choose your VO which can be located in a prestigious area. Furthermore the staff at a VO is well trained to provide you with the best services to your customers.
  • Establishing a presence in France – With a VO you can have a business address in France. If you are interested to open a business in France or are already dealing with some customers who are in France, you can take advantage of opening a business in France.
  • Time management – With a VO you can spend more time doing what is important in expanding your business rather than managing your office. Answering calls, opening mails etc are taken care of for you by the staff in a VO. You will only need to attend to urgent matters.
  • Saving other costs – Manpower and office equipment cost can also take a large chunk of your business expenses. Particularly so in France where labor cost can be expensive. By having a VO, you can operate the business on your own without having any additional staff.
  • Privacy – If you operate a home based business, you can have a separate business address. Furthermore you are using the business telephone number of the VO instead of your home.
  • Business meetings – Even though you don’t have a physical office, you can rent a meeting room at the premise of the VO for a fee. So there’s no unnecessary cost of renting a whole office for your business.
  • Avoidance of commuting to work – If you operate your business from home, basically there’s no commute at all. You don’t need to worry about traffic jams, parking, getting to work on time and all the normal hassles of getting to work. The only time that you probably need to go to your VO is either to pick up your mails or have a meeting with your customers.

 Disadvantages of a virtual office

  • Space constraint –Since you physically don’t have a space, you can’t carry any inventory. You would still need to find a place to store your inventory.
  • Business expansion – While having a virtual office is good for start-ups, you will definitely need to find your own space once your company grows to a certain level. Depending on your business growth, you can rent a serviced office or rent a normal commercial office.

As such a VO can give you the flexibility you need when you are starting a business or would like to venture into opening a business in France.


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