Germany Foreign Company Registration

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Germany Foreign Company Registration

Our service area: Germany foreign company registration-incorporation service;

  • Manages business license, branch office registration;
  • Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),
  • Accounts , audit preparation, income tax and financial advisory in Germany

Germany Foreign Company Registration

Step by step Germany Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation process:

  • €25 thousand is must as share capital to establish overseas company;
  • As Company Act 1 (one) share holder is permissible as minimum number of member to register a limited organization;
  • Become a member of Chamber of Commerce is requirement to begin entity in Germany foreign company registration;
  • Filling up special forms , MoA & AoA of the overseas organization, supply business and personal data of the investors, picture and address of the entity;
  • Do not forget to provide POA (Power of Attorney) of appointing legal agent who shall carry out incorporation process;

We provide company registration service in Germany for foreigner, only.

Stock company in Germany

  • £50 thousand or DM 100,000 is required as lowest capital to incorporate and starting business here;

Dependent branch office GmbH

  • Business registration is relaxed in terms of permanent dependent office in Germany;
  • As overseas investment policy notarized and attested papers of the main institute should place before authority body;
  • Application is granted by the district court, along with required papers who applied for permission;

Independent branch office set up

Following papers are required for independent branch office set up in Germany:

  • Main Corporation shall forward valuable documents such as MoA & AoA, information of sponsors, activities of the organization need to be notarized and attested by embassy of Germany of the applicant country;
  • Stable branch office may trade in the state and doing so need permission from authority;
  • Representative office is considered as dependent permanent office like branch office;
  • Tax applied on products and services but in general income Tax rate is 15 per cent and, additional 25 per cent tax is applicable on profit from business;
  • Opening a bank account is not flexible for the non Germany offices here;
  • Only the main corporation is responsible for any activities are done here by such office;
  • Tax shall be applicable so income tax certificate arranging cannot skip;


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