Ghana Foreign Company Registration-Business Formation

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Manages business license, branch office registration

Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),

Accounts preparation, audit, income tax and financial advisory in Register General.

Step by step guide line on Ghana foreign company registration:

  • Ensure company Name , Address, MOA, Papers notary, Trade authorization, VAT (Value added tax) and other permission is required to register a new company in Ghana;
  • Lowest share value of Dollar ($) 100,000 (hundred hundred thousand) , Joint Venture (JV) company, have to remit as  FDI;
  • Lowest share value of Dollar 300,000 (three hundred thousand) in case of registering trading company;
  • Lowest share value of $ 50,000 (fifty thousand) , for the private limited company and said amount have to remit as foreign company registration fees and policy;
  • Investment Promotion office have right of permission of trading upon amount of remit
  • Corporate tax is 25 per cent;
  • Obey the quota of investment sum;
  • Three to ten years tax holiday facilities are available on condition of category of business;
  • Ten years tax free facility those are situated in specific area as government permissible;
  • Dividend and/ or profit from trading is granted fully depend upon authority;
  • EU and U.S. investors enjoy free in market investment;
  • Make sure official language in English for overseas enterprise;
  • Between two parties of Ghana and non-residence make an agreement to begin business together is called joint venture that is allowed as law of the country here;
  • Government officials are cooperative on non-citizen sponsors to begin fresh corporation here;
  • Banks of this state are friendly to non-residence investors to cooperate them opening account or apply for credit;


  • Various official documents of the mother corporation should ready with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors;
  • POA (authority of somebody) whom authorization has been dedicated legal way in favor of mother organization to procedure;
  • Around a month time may need to complete registration process;


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