Indonesia Foreign Company Registration-Formation

Indonesia Foreign Company Registration-Formation

Our service: Indonesia foreign company registration-formation/ company registration in Indonesia;

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Let discuss on Indonesia foreign company registration-formation process and service:

  • Ensure institution name being first job of company registration , a place what shall be used for communication, MOA, filling papers those are attested by the person of government allowed;
  • In addition licensing for beginning trade and any other those are required permissions including VAT to doing foreign trading;
  • Exempted of levy those institutions are inside of free zone in Indonesia;
  • Lowest share value of 1,000,000 ( Dollar one million) , limited company, have to remit as Foreign Direct Investment;
  • Individual detail information of the initiators as outsider of the country cannot skip to disclose the authority;
  • Listing with Chamber of commerce of the state , as fdi course of action who begin obtaining trade permission;
  • Minimum share holder and director are one + one for private limited incorporation;
  • Bank account open is available after completion of registration process;
  • Off-shore corporation deemed tax competence;
  • Particular forms, trade area and apart from these MOA of the organization have to submit to the authority and after approval is allowed starting business as foreign direct investor;
  • Duration: one month for liaison set up, 4 or 8 (four to eight) weeks for abroad corporation;

 Joint Venture Company formation

Joint venture company formation Indonesia

  • Local and foreign jointly may form a business where local partners should minimum specific share of whole share amount and most of the states have almost same rules as Indonesia foreign company registration-formation policy;

Branch Office opens

  • Various legal papers of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors of the main enterprise;
  • Legal power dedicate someone who shall carry on in favor of mother organization;
  • Around a month time may need to complete registration process;
  • Report of annual the books of main corporation is another documents of procedure;
  • Papers shall be translated in English;
  • Information of sponsors with passport copy;
  • Main organization is accountable for the area office;
  • Register a name of the institute in English;


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