Company registration fees in Indonesia

Company registration fees in Indonesia

Let discuss about company registration fees in Indonesia as below: There are a few types of limited companies that you can incorporate in Indonesia. Details of the types of companies are as below –

Features of the limited liability company-PT


Public company

Limited company registration fees

When you are registering any company in any country, there are some company registration fees in Indonesia to be paid before the business is legally incorporated. You can either go through the whole process on your own or you can engage consultants who provides this type of service. Below are some of the fees for a limited company registration in Indonesia –

More detail of company registration fees in Indonesia –

If you engage a consultant to do the registration for you, the fees can range from USD2,500 to USD5,000 for the establishment of a PT PMA company while for the PT company it is cheaper at USD1,600 to USD1,700. The consultant company will do all the necessary for the registration of the company.

How to register a limited company and fees information

Company name

This is note by a Notary Public and normally takes about 1 day. As mentioned above, the process is done online.

Notarize company documents

The Notary Public will notarize all company documents and the process takes less than 1 day.

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MLHR)

(MLHR) will legalize the company documents. Details of the established company will be published in the Supplement State Gazette within 14 days.

Certificate of company domicile

This is basically to show the company’s intended location of the business and can be obtained from the municipal where the location is or the building management where the intended office will be.

Permanent business trading license

This is from the Ministry of Trade and the process takes about 7 days.

Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration

The company will need to submit a manpower report to the ministry within 30 days. The report will contain the information about the company, manpower relation, manpower protection and manpower opportunity.

Worker Social Security Program

This is a social program to cover the employees of the company is case of accidents, old age and death.

Healthcare insurance

This step is also done for the welfare of the employees.

Tax registration number and VAT Collector them from the tax office.
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