Small business ideas in Indonesia

Small business ideas in Indonesia

We know you are looking for some profitable small business ideas in Indonesia to start a business. Now Indonesia has good small business opportunities. But at first, you need to choose what business you want to start? Let’s get started, hope this article will help solve this problem.

Indonesia is a small country located in the South Eastern part of Asia with a booming economy. There are a great number of foreign businesses in Indonesia and thanks to the flexible government for this business law; foreign investments have seen a steady rise over the past several years.

Most people tend to engage in small business in Indonesia because they require fewer funds to set up. The government itself has gone on to try and encourage small businesses and have pursued the Bank Rakyat Indonesia [BRI] to allow business loans for small business owners. So, if you start your business initially on a small scale this has low risks.

There are a lot of business opportunities for setting up a company in Indonesia. So, if you are an investor looking for a business idea here are some profitable small business ideas in Indonesia check out the listed below:

Travel Consultant:

One of the best things about Indonesia is that it is a tourist country. Every year there are thousands of travelers from all over the world flying in Indonesia to visit Bali and the rest of the country. Investing in tourism or in a travel agency is like a risk free investment. Starting small by providing services such as tourist activities, car services, day plans to visit sightseeing places are a great way to start your business in Indonesia. By linking up with several of the local hotels and restaurants, the travel agency can provide certain discount to lots of tourists every day and go through with starting a business in Indonesia.


While starting a full five star hotel may be out of reach, starting a small hotel or rest house like facility is pretty much feasible. As mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of tourists in Indonesia and all of them require some sort of accommodation. During peak seasons, there is a shortage of hotels so investing in such a business will yield great revenue. There is a demand for hotels all through the year so this will not be a seasonal business and the revenue generation will be constant all the time.

Internet Service Provider:

As it stands, Indonesia is the top user of social media in the entire Eastern Asia. This means that there is a great demand for the internet in the country. Investing in an internet service provider will be beneficial. Providing quality services and good speed will be crucial in capturing the market and ensuring the returns on investment are extremely high.

Online retail market:

Online marketing is a good small business ideas in Indonesia for a startup. Staying on the topic of the internet, investing in an online retail market could be a smart thing to do in Indonesia. The population of Indonesia is quite high and a good portion of it forms the middle income class.

The popularity of e-commerce giants such as Amazon and AliExpress has seen a number of online markets being set up. The business could take orders via online and then supply them with their desired products.

The business would basically have to stock up on products and sale them when the order is given out. Providing quality services and meeting their demands will enhance the company’s reputation and increase the profit margins.

Business Consultant:

As mentioned before, there are a number of small business ideas in Indonesia with a many more coming up in the future. Most of these entrepreneurs may have business ideas or they may have the funds to start a business but they often lack in experience on how to start the business. Opening up a business consultancy firm will allow you to provide your business experience to these new entrepreneurs and guide them to success. This kind of business is only possible if you have prior business experience and if you know the Indonesian market better than these new people.

Book Keeping:

If you are good with accounting and have bookkeeping experience then opening up a bookkeeping business will get you a large number of customers. Like we said in the previous point, there will be a number of new businesses each year and they will require the services of bookkeepers. They may not be financially capable of hiring a full time accountant so they will require the services of a freelance bookkeeper. This is where you and your services come in. Flexible working hours and a fairly easy client list to satisfy will ensure that the income keeps flowing in without much hassle.

Food Carts:

Opening up a restaurant can be a big hassle sometimes. However, a food cart is relatively easier and less expensive to set up. They are cheaper, easy to set up and provide a great deal of interest to the customers. Providing some sort of authentic dish that is not available in Indonesia will only make the business boom even more. The key thing to remember in such a business is to ensure top quality services and great food. By doing so, the customers are going to keep coming back for more and the business will flourish.

No business can be successful unless has a smart plan. So, for setting up your business in Indonesia you may read this guideline below:

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