Iran Foreign Company Registration

Iran Foreign Company Registration

Our service area: Iran foreign company registration service/ company registration in Iran;

  • Accounts and audit service;
  • Income tax and financial advisory;
  • LLC/ branch office permission and business license;
  • Step by step Iran foreign company registration process:
Shareholders To register joint stock company in Iran, minimum three partners are required.
Share Holders for limited liability company (LLC) Registering a limited liability company in Iran, there are two (2) share holders required.
Private Joint Stock As choice of new company registration in Iran for foreigner is private joint stock
Capital requirement In case of private limited company registration in Iran, RIS 1000K and RIS 5000K to register public limited company.
Joint Stock Share As a foreign company, up to 49 percent (%) shares are allowed to be raised.
Time of company registration One month might be need to complete company registration process in Iran for foreigner.

Branch Office set up in Iran

Following papers of parent company is required for branch office set up in Iran:

  • Forward an complete application to the authority board opening a branch Office;
  • MoA & AoA, Incorporation & directors information documents of the head Company;
  • Attach the financial record of 2 years of the main corporation and activities area of business papers ;
  • Forward application to the authority of investment control and guarantee bureau;
  • Agent who shall be carrying out the procedure of incorporation need to hire;
  • Investment in free zone area is permitted by Foreign Direct Investment Promotion & protection authority;
  • POA (authority of somebody) whom authorization has been dedicated legal way in favor of organization to procedure of registration;
  • Chief Representative is responsible to transact activities but main organization is liable only;
  • 25 per cent income tax is applicable on overseas branch office business;
  • Documents conversion in Farsi language is want from authority to begin fresh such office;
  • Such offices are not allowed to involve in commercial and promotion activities here;
  • Those liaison enterprise is not tax payer as law of the country;

FAQ of company registration in Iran

FAQ of company registration in Iran

  • What do you think is a 100 percent overseas owned corporation allowed and how much is the minimum share capital?

Answer: 100 percent foreign owned company is allowed in Iran. Minimum share capital is estimated 30 USD.

  • What is your opinion, Is there any rules of governing for MLM actions at Iran?

Answer: MLM (Multi-level marketing) is not allowed by Iranian laws.

  • Is there any prohibition on the activities of a overseas corporation?

Answer: There is no prohibition for foreign companies in any activities.

  • Whether a non-citizen be allowed to be appointed as a director and what are the condition?

Answer: A non-citizen is allowed to be director of Iranian company that 100 percent of shares owned by foreigners. The foreign director shall obtain work and resident permit.

  • How many minimum directors are requiring creating a board of director for a limited liability type company? Can all directors appointed are non-citizen of Iran?

Answer: minimum number of director of L.L.C. could be 2 persons. All directors could be foreigners.

  • How many minimum shareholders require for set up a limited liability company at Iran?

Answer: minimum number of shareholders of L.L.C. could be 2 persons including individuals or legal entities as policy of business registration in Iran.

  • Are there any other approval or registration a company (other than product registration) before the company is allowed to run its business legally in Iran?

Answer: There isn't any other license required in any activities in Iran foreign company registration.

Company Registration Service in Iran for foreigner

We provide private limited, merger, JV company registration service in Iran for foreigner. As summary of new company registration in Iran are as follows:

  • Articles of association in 2 sets that will be prepared by us
  • Minutes of general assembly of founders shall be prepared by us
  • Minutes of board of directors, that shall be prepared by us
  • Application shall be provided by us,
  • Letter of incorporation shall be supplied by us
  • Copy of passports of all shareholders.

Power of Attorney is required to work on behalf of the directors for Iran foreign company registration.

Fees of company incorporation in Iran

Subsidiary company, limited liability Company, branch office registration fees is US$ 3999


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