Company Registration in Malaysia for Foreigner

Company registration in Malaysia for foreigner is easy that can do by 2 days whether directors available in Malaysia or overseas. 100% foreign owned company in Malaysia is possible terms and conditions are applied.

Malaysia is one of the most recommended countries to start a profitable business. A foreigner can register a company with 100% shares of the Sdn Bhd company. You can start service, retail, trading, export, import or manufacture company in Malaysia as foreigner.

Registration Guideline of Sdn Bhd Company when directors are foreigner

Company with foreign shareholders

Any type of company is permissible by foreigner to hold 100 percent shares as local partner is not necessary (terms and conditions are applicable). There is some restricted businesses must have look before planning to start a company in Malaysia.

The following industries are supported by the Malaysian government which are encourages for the foreigners to invest business in;

Legal requirements of registration

Business plan check list


Bank account

Services of the company

Structure of foreign ownership service company

Note: Foreign director can not apply for work permit to live in Malaysia unless investment capital of the company is Ringgit 500,000/-. Contact with us for consultation over WhatsApp: +601151177141.

Structure of foreign ownership retail, manufacture, export and import company

Process of company registration in Malaysia is same for foreigner either business is service, export, trade, retail and manufacture. The difference is require investment capital for the purpose of work permit application, WRT license, retail business and others.

Key points of investment capital for foreign ownership company

Procedure of foreign company registration in Malaysia

Directors are proposed to write 3 company names to check availability as major part of foreign company registration in Malaysia. As it is noticeable that, similar name is matched and it is rejected and RM50 is required to submit each new name.

Preparation of documents

Benefits of local shareholder in a foreign ownership company

Visa and work permit

Proprietorship and partnership company

Company secretary in Malaysia

Steps of company registration in Malaysia for foreigner

  1. There should be a signature in pre-submission copies where shareholders information is clear and visible
  2. Company name accepted by the SSM
  3. MOA, AOA and other documentary forms which is submitted to SSM
  4. Online payment confirmed to SSM. Secretary can make online payment for themselves
  5. The approval of company registration takes around 1 to 2 days
  6. Super form should be purchase online for My Data SSM as this form needs a bank account to be opened
  7. Every year a company report should be submitted to SSM to keep track on company’s regular basis. This is also included for companies which are yet to start
  8. It takes 2-3 days for the company registration to get approved
  9. Some of the copies which SSM provide are Incorporation and memorandum at free cost

Branch office in Malaysia

  1. Board meeting resolution from parent company’s shareholder
  2. Remittance of Ringgit 500K to 1000K along with accounts report.
  3. Business profile and certified copies need to submit to examine.
  4. Branch Office open might take 2 weeks’ time if no issue is found.

New Sdn Bhd Company Registration Fee in Malaysia for foreigner

Category   Consultancy Fee   Type of company
  ARM2500 (Incorporation from SSM, 1-year secretary service).   For small size- service or general trading  
B RM2500 ( Sdn Bhd Incorporation, 1-year secretary service). For medium size- import export company
C RM2500 (Incorporation in SSM, 1-year company secretary service).   For large size- Manufacture company  

Registration, formation and license fees, cost as follow: –

Old data above image (some changes are made newly as Inc. Fee RM2500, Signboard RM1200, Export RM3000, WRT RM3000)
Description of services   License   Fees  
Company Incorporation, 1-year company secretary and bank account. Incorporation by SSM   2500  
Prepare supporting papers and apply for signboard and premise license   Signboard & Premise

Prepare supporting papers and apply for export and import license   Export & Import   3000
Prepare supporting documents and apply for WRT license for nonresidents   WRT 3000
To prepare supporting papers and apply for Kinder garden school license   Dagang.net   Negotiable
Add your product and/ or brand name with company name permission   Notification   1000
Prepare supporting papers and apply for Trademark license.   Trademark   2000-3000

One word answer about company Registration in Malaysia for foreigner

How many shareholders need to form LLC (Sdn Bhd) ?

1 (one) can open Sdn Bhd company but we recommend of 2 persons.

How long takes to register Sdn Bhd?

Normally within 2-3 days a company registration are done through SSM.

How much paid up capital required to register Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia?

Ringgit 1 (one) at least but we recommend to keep equity RM2000.

Do I need to have office in Malaysia?

Yes (Virtual office also allow). The virtual address allows for company registration in Malaysia for foreigners. But physical office rental agreement act as strength of the company.

What about authorised capital?

It is no longer now a day as new law.

How much is the cost of Sdn Bhd company registration?

2500 include incorporation, virtual address and secretary 1 year.

How many other licenses need to start business?

Signboard, premise, EPF, Export, Import, Halal and WRT as nature of business.

Can S & F assist to open bank account?

Yes, we ensure of bank account in foreign banks (HSBC, OCBC, UOB, SCB)

How I will buy shelf company?

Shelf is a ready company but business not run yet. We provide same if you want to buy from us.

Do I need nominee director in Malaysia?

No need actually.

How much cost for nominee director service?

Ringgit 3000 or negotiable as yearly charge. But, it is rare now to get any local person to act same.

Can a foreigner register a company in Malaysia?

Yes, can. And foreigner can hold 100 percent shares of company.

Can foreigner open restaurant in Malaysia?

Yes, can. Foreigner can open restaurant in Malaysia. But WRT and Halal licenses are additionally need. To apply for WRT license equity investment capital of the company must be Ringgit 1 million.

How can I get business visa in Malaysia?

Only ESD registration company can apply of Business Visa. To apply for ESD equity investment capital of the company shall be RM 500,000 (100% foreign own company), RM 350,000 for joint venture company.

Can foreign company open bank account in Malaysia?

Yes, can. Expert of S & F can assist to open Business bank account for foreigners in Malaysia.

Is it allowed to register a company without investor visa?

Yes. Allow. Foreigner can register Sdn Bhd company with social visit visa (tourist).

Is 100 present foreign ownership allow in Malaysia?

Yes. Allow. Foreign investors can hold 100 percent ownership without local partner (T&C apply)

Local nominee directorship need to register a new company?  

No. As guideline of FDI without local nominee director foreign investor can open company.

Which banks recommended to open corporate account in Malaysia as foreigner?

OCBC Bank & Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC & UOB.

How can I open bank account as foreign shareholding company?

Contact with S & F Consulting Firm, we guarantee to open bank account with foreign banks

How much should invest for joint venture company?

RM 350,000 instead of RM500,000 as recommendation to apply for ESD registration. Ringgit 2000 is recommended to register Sdn Bhd company if no intention to apply for ESD (work permit).

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