Foreign Direct Investment Opportunity in Maldives

Foreign Direct Investment Opportunity in Maldives

Foreign Direct Investment played a crucial role in developing the economics of Maldives. The government of Maldives knows the importance of FDI. Therefore, they are working hard to bring more foreign direct investment in the country. The government of Maldives provides some facilities to foreign investors, which mean the emphasis on promotion of investment activities. The range of Foreign Direct Investment opportunity in Maldives is mainly affiliated with the tourism industry to develop air and sea transport along with marine-based industries. The following are some of the main reason behind the success of foreign investment –

All the business sectors of Maldives are open for foreign direct investment. Most of the foreign investors like this opportunity. There are many reputed international brands, who have already been established their company in Maldives.


Registering Foreign Investment

In Maldives the process of registering a foreign investment is pretty straight forward. The Invest Maldives is the government agencies who, are responsible for providing permits for foreign direct investment. Submit al the required documents to the “Invest Maldives.” If the document procedures are okay, it will just take ten days to get your operation underway.


Invest Maldives plays a significant role in supporting foreign investors in establishing their business. These are the service provide by the Invest Maldives–

FDI in Figures

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flow to the Maldives in 2017 was about USD 517 million. In 2016 the FDI flows in Maldives was USD 457 million. The foreign investment rise in Maldives because of foreign investors in large scale tourism projects, wholesale, construction business, etc. Among small island developing country Maldives current are the third is the recipient of foreign direct investment. The stock of FDI in Maldives grew up to 3.7 billion in 2017. Indians are the leading investor in Maldives, and most invest comes from the tourism sector. The table below shows the FDI flows from 2015 to 2017–

FDI 2015 2016 2017
FDI Stocks UDS 2757 million USD 3214 million USD 3732 million 
FDI Inward Flows USD 298 million USD 457 million USD 517 million
FDI Stock in % of GDP 86% 95 % n/a

FDI Regulations

Advantage of foreign direct investment in Maldives (Investment Incentives)

Tax for Foreign Investors in Maldives

Types of Tax  Percentage
Goods and Service tax 6% to 8% (in tourism sector)
Social Security Tax 7% (in all business sector)
Withholding taxes Interest 0% royalties 0% and Dividends 0%, tax 10%   
Emirates working in the country 3% remittance tax
Tax rate for companies that has income more than 500000 MVR 15% tax
Company making profits outside the country 5% tax  

Entre Permits and Visa Requirements

Peoples who want to invest in Maldives can visit Maldives with a 30 days tourist visa. Within this 30 day, they can carry out any work and research that is related to their investment. However, once the government of Maldives approves your investment, you are eligible to apply for work permits.

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