Mauritius Foreign Company Registration

Mauritius foreign company registration
Mauritius foreign company registration

Our service area: Mauritius foreign company registration, formation or incorporation as law and process of the country

Manages business license, permissions of trading, branch office open

Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),

Accounts preparation, audit, income tax and financial advisory.

Company Registration Mauritius

Mauritius foreign company registration is applied under Company Act 2001 and financial-service-act-2007 .There are two types of companies incorporated as normal case:

1.Company holding a Category 1Global Business License (GBC 1)Generally called resident company.
2.Company holding a Category 2Global Business License (GBC 2)It is an offshore company.

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Requirement of company registration in Mauritius

Company registration process in Mauritius

Company registration process in Mauritius

Kindly follow step by step of registration process in Mauritius:

Private limited company registration in Mauritius

Private Limited company registration in Mauritius

Under GBC 2, Global Business Company 2, online-submission-platform

Banks for non resident in Mauritius

As normal procedure to open bank account owners seek reliable banks as below:

Company registration service, fee in Mauritius

Do not hesitate to contact us for any of company registration service, in Malaysia as .

1. feeGBC1 FeesUS $ 6000-7000
2.feesGBC 2 FeesUS$ 3000

Time line of company registration in Mauritius

1.Time Line2 weeks, maximumGBC 1
2.Time Line2-3 weeks, maximumGBC 2

Branch Office Open in Mauritius

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