How to register a company in Dubai

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Company registration in Dubai
Company registration in Dubai

Let discuss how to register a company in Dubai if the directors are foreigner. You may know how to register Limited Liability Company, JV or Branch Office in Dubai under FDI Law. Every year foreign companies attracted into doing business in the UAE. Dubai is the largest business hubs in the world with a mix of multi culture. It is great markets and stunning products of middle east. Conducting a business in Dubai need one to register the company with the government. Incorporating a business in Dubai is very easy and by following a few simple steps:

The whole registration process can complete within short period. The best thing about doing business is foreign investors can hold 100% control of own company. They can either register a new business or open up branch offices as need. They should always ensure that they have a National Service Agent own. That agent should be residing of UAE appointed who will act as their liaison. Without local agent registration will not complete.

Documents Required for branch office

Before start registration process, there are certain documents have to prepare and submit. These documents are at most from parent company of their own homeland. The list of requirement includes as follows:

  • Certificate of Incorporation in the home country.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the parent company.
  • Board Resolution.
  • Audited Financial Accounts of the parent company for the past two years.
  • Power of Attorney (issued in favor of the company-appointed General Manager).
  • Bank Guarantee issued in favor of the Minister of Economy and Planning.
  • The bank guarantee must show an amount of AED 50,000. This should renew every year upon approval of Ministry of Economy.
  • A ‘Service Agent’ agreement with a UAE national.

Steps of Company Registration Dubai

Steps of Dubai company registration
How to register a company in Dubai

Follow steps to open private limited Company (LLC) in Dubai under FDI Law. Under the guidance of a Service Agent, these steps should be of minimal hassle.

Step One

The first step is investor will file for business license to Ministry of Economy & Commerce. Along with this application, the foreign entity must submit a Service Agent Agreement. This agreement should clear data that the agent is either an UAE national or a 100% UAE owned company.

Step Two

MEC department will forward application to Economic Department for next step. It start working when agreement between agent and business license are make done. The purpose should ensure that the foreign company feel secures the local government’s approval. It is crucial to have the local government’s approval to run a business in Dubai.

Step Three

Once job complete by Economic Department then again application forward to FFC Committee. During this stage of processing, nature of business confirmed after justification. This business activity need approval by MEC. Keep in mind that there are certain activities prohibited in Dubai. So it is wise to do a thorough check up on what allows and what is not permitted before investing in the Emirates.

Step Four

After approval by Federal Foreign Companies Committee foreign entity now need Ministerial license. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce issue such license after verify. The license will contain detailed information about valid activities. In short, it will state what the company is permissible to do in Dubai.

Step Five

Branch office are permitted by the Commercial Register of the Economic Department. Over here, the required license are provided by department of UAE.

Step Six

The last step of registering a foreign company in Dubai is at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The government will issue the foreign entity a Certificate of Registration. This is the proof that the foreign company has been incorporated. And officially can start the operation without any more fuss in Dubai.

Dubai company registration Fees (AED)

Particulars of servicesMinimum FeesMaximum Fees
Private Limited (Total approximately)3500050000
Branch Office (total approval)7000090000
Economic Department Fee30003500
Agent Agreement with Notary300500
Trade License Fees1500020000
Commercial license fee700800
Membership of Chamber15003000
Local director service700010000
Typing Fee500700
Consultancy Fees700014000
Company registration fees in Dubai
Company registration fees in Dubai

Company registration Time

Private Limited10 days15 days
Branch Office10 days30 days
Agent Agreement2 days3 days
Membership of Chamber3 days10 days
Bank Account3 days7 days

Ownership and type of company

Type of companyFree ZoneLLC
Branch Office100%100%

How much cost business setup

How much cost of LLC in Qatar?

Approximately AED 35000 to above.

How long takes to open LLC?

15-30 days.

How long takes for visa arrangement?

7-15 days.

What are benefits of free zone company?

Investors are allowed to hold 100% shares of company, but costly.

How much cost of professional services?

It depend, approximately AED 7000 to above.

How can I get local director?

Contact the agent, expert, consultancy firm to arrange this service.

Is it safe to hire local director?

Yes safe. As most the cases are no issues found. Pay them regularly to keep good relation.

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