Oman Foreign Company Registration

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” width=”560″ height=”315″> Oman Foreign Company Registration, Formation, Incorporation

Service area: Oman foreign company registration;

  • Accounts and audit service
  • Income Tax and Financial Advisory
  • Business license and merger, JV, LLC registration in Oman.

Company registration process in Oman are described step by step:


Share holdingOne share holder should be citizen of Oman as FDI policy when two partners form a limited company.
Share percentageLocal share holder shall hold 30 percent (%) of total shares and rest of allocation for foreigner shares.
Trade Free ZoneTaking income tax advantage in Salalah, Al Mazyunah, Sohar foreign companies like to setup business in free zone area.
100% allowedForeigners (foreign share holding companies) can register limited company in trade free zone, holding 100% (percent) own shares.
100% not allowedForeigners (foreign share holding companies) can NOT register limited company unless there is local partners are joined as share holder of the company.
Income TaxAs income tax rate vary frequently and upon last year information corporate tax rate is 12 percent (%).
Public companyForeigner (s) can hold maximum 40 percent (%) of shares in case of public company and US$ 2. Five Million is requirement showing capital.

Joint Venture company registration in Oman

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” width=”560″ height=”315″> Joint venture company registration in Oman

  • Maximum 70 per cent foreign ownership is allowed;
  • Ministry of Commerce is organ of government reserve right permission starting business;
  • Overseas sponsors may go through Limited LC or Joint Stock registration procedure;
  • LLC organization can deal with general persons and government organs;
  • Minimum investment amount is OR 150,000 as foreign investment terms of the country;
  • Tax is applicable of 12 per cent as minimum income of the corporate;

Trade over Agency

  • Ministry of Commerce is the authority board to make engagement between parties to start business over local agent
  • In that case taxation should not be less than 12 per cent

Branch Office opening rules in Oman

  • entirely overseas ownership is allowed who decide to invest
  • Investment controlling is relaxed without limitation
  • Minimum 12 per cent tax is applicable on foreign branch office
  • All required information of main corporation those shall be notarized by embassy of Oman
  • An amount need to remit from main corporation to create such office that ten thousand to fifty thousand dollar;
  • Lots of international and domestic banks cooperate to open account and enjoy banking services;
  • Representative office has limitation of activities as rules of board;



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Munia Ahmed

S & F customer support is available free of charge. (24/7 Support )




S & F customer support is available free of charge. (24/7 Support )



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