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Qatar foreign company registration service

As Qatar foreign company registration process/ company registration in Qatar, Qatar citizens shall hold 51% shares and rest of shares shall hold foreign

investors and registration process should start as said rules;

  • To incorporate industry in Qatar share sum should be QAR 200,000 at least;
  • 10% profit should reserve inside of the company in Qatar foreign company registration;
  • 10% tax applicable on net profit of the enterprise in Qatar Foreign Company Registration;
  • Directors information, share allocation, local agent engagement, government forms, MoA & AoA and other documents need to fill up provide as process of incorporation;
  • IPD is authority to permit establishment entity through ministry of commerce here;
  • If the profit goes over the limitation shall have to be appointed auditor;
  • Full percent overseas ownership corporation is not denied by law;
  • Tax exception is available only those are situated within area of free zone;
  • Banks of this state are friendly to non residence investors to cooperate them opening account or apply for credit;

Branch Office open in Qatar

  • To set up an overseas such office is allowed without any local partner;
  • Such office is income tax payable and some special cases are exempted;
  • Main corporation is responsible of any activities are done by such office here;
  • Lots of non Qatarian enterprises are exist here making good relation with banks local and overseas;
Representative Office set up
  • Without exporting, importing and selling representative of foreign company may carry on business;
  • Create customer for the business is not allowed here;
  • Any kind of advertisement for the business or entity is now allowed by rules;

Corporate tax is 10 per cent as flat rate but it may rise up to 35 per cent depend on product or service category.

Let discuss in detail of the following-



Foreign company registration format in Qatar

Private Limited Company (Qatar)
Representative Office (Qatar)
Branch Office (Qatar)
Free zone and without tax free zone

Company registration in Qatar step by step

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Company registration in Qatar step by step

We like to give a picture of Qatar before start writing on company registration in Qatar step by step. Qatar the investment friendly country in the Middle East, ranked 74th currently out of 119 countries of the world in the Ease by the World Bank, a 21 point up from 2016 [83rd]. Oil & Gas are the two mainstays of Qatari economy. More than 70% of total government earnings and 60% of the gross domestic products [GDP] is generating from the Oil & Gas.

The Businesses

As norms of Qatar foreign company registration must have a statutory presence in the state. The presence may either be by constituting a Company or by installing a Branch or Representative office.  Among the ways, registering a company is usually the most authentic approach in case the foreign investor looking for a long lasting enterprising presence in Qatar. The equity ratio is 51:49. 51% to be held by the Qatari sharers and the rest 49% goes to the foreign share holders. However, foreigners may even take up to 100% of a company here in some sectors specified by the foreign investment law of the land. These include sectors like Agriculture, Tourism, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education etc.

The article 4 of the Commercial Companies Law, CCL of Qatar prescribes as many as seven company formats to choose from. Of the formats, the Limited Liability Company is the commonest legal format usually adopted by the foreign companies for registration and starting businesses here in Qatar.

Company registration process in Qatar

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Company registration process in Qatar

A limited liability foreign company registration conditions to have minimum 2 and maximum 50 shareholders. The amendment of the Commercial Companies Law, CCL in 2015 prescribes no minimum share capital requirement to form an LLC in Qatar. The registered companies are subject to set aside 10% of their profits each year in a statutory reserve till it equal to 50 percent of the authorized capital of the venture. A registered limited liability foreign Company is required to pay a corporate income tax to the tune of 10% along with the annual tax return [ITR].

Following are the limited liability foreign Company registration processes in Qatar;

Reservation of the New Joint venture Company name

The entrepreneurs of Joint Ventures are required to apply to the Commercial Registry and Trademark Department under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Qatar to check the availability of a name and to have the same reserved. This can be done in a day with fees of QAR 1,000 for an Arabic name and QAR 1,500 for a non-Arabic name.

Opening of the bank account

The investors would, at this stage, open a bank account and deposit he paid up capital as determined by the share holders. The procedure is requiring 1 working day but no charge.

Getting the approval of the Articles of Association AoA

At this stage, the investors are required to get an approval of the AoA of their company from the Authentication Department at the Ministry of Justice as well as from the Commercial Companies Control Department of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce as process of company registration in Qatar. The whole process can be done in 1 working day with QAR 1500 as a registration fee.

Registering with the Commercial Registry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Company’s shareholders now perform the registration of the company with the Commercial Registry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the one-stop-shop of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The completion of the process would require 1 working day and QAR 2, 200 for the registration with the Chamber of Commerce and QAR 500-5,000 for Qatar foreign company registration with the Commercial Registry.

Getting the Trade and Signage licenses from the Municipality of Doha

The one-stop-shop of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce would now require to be approached for the Trade and Signage license from the Municipality of Doha or else as required depending upon the location of the proposed company. Trade License fees is QAR 10,020 and for Signage is QAR 50 (fifty) -150 (hundred fifty) per square meter.

Registering for the TIN with the Public Revenues and Tax department

The registration with the tax authority would require 1 working day but no charge.

Making of the company seal

The making of a company seal would cost QAR 150 take 2 working days to deliver the same. With the making of the seal the limited liability foreign company registration processes end.

Branch of a foreign company

The other way of maintaining a business ideas presence is company registration in Qatar by a foreign company is the installation of a Branch office. This being so, there requires no Qatari to setting up a branch. Branches can only be registered here in Qatar to completing specific contract or contracts facilitating the performances of public service or utility. Once the stipulated contract is over the branch is required to cease its operation or apply for renewal in case it gets a new contract.

The following documents are required to furnish in order to Qatar foreign company registration in case of branch office:

  • Letter of support from the Company requiring services of the Branch. „
  • Copy of the contract with the company associated with
  • Letter of Authorisation from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to establish a branch
  • The Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association of the parent company duly notarized and authenticated by the respective consular section of the Qatari Embassy.
  • Power of Attorney to the manager of the branch duly notarized and authenticated by the respective consular section of the Qatari Embassy.
  • Membership certificate of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce„

Representative Office RTO

With a Representative office, Qatar foreign company registration can too maintain its legal presence in a very limited way unlike a branch in Qatar. The approval and the registration of the branches is governed and regulated in line with the provision of Minister of Economy and Commerce’s Decision No. (142) of 2006. Following are the formalities to obtaining a business license to operate a Representative office in Qatar:

  • Submitting a request along with a certificate or memorandum of association of the parent company, and the certified power of attorney for the nominated manager in Qatar for the representative office, to the Investment Promotion Department at the Ministry of Business and trade.
  • Applying for a commercial registration at the Ministry of Business and trade.
  • Obtaining a commercial permit from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture.

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