Morocco Foreign Company Registration, Incorporation

Company registration in Morocco

Our service area

  • Limited Liability (LLC) Registration Morocco for foreigner
  • Income Tax
  • Accounting

Steps of company registration in Morocco

  1. Negative Certificate
  2. Contractual Provision
  3. Allotment of shares
  4. Deposit of paid up capital
  5. Notary of blocking paid up
  6. Documents proceed to RIC
  7. Tax and patent number
  8. Commercial registration
  9. Affiliate to Social Security
  10. 2 news papers advertisement

Morocco Company Registration Ins and Outs

Company registration Process Type of company Requirement of company formation
Trade Propose name Individual Application form and ID card
Statute Commercial Charge by agent or law firm
Share allotment letter LLC and Listing Companies Papers signed by the shareholders
Paid up capital LLC All above papers without allotment letter
Papers notary LLC, Joint Stock and Share company Letter from bank against paid up capital
Regional Investment Center LLC, LLP, Joint Stock and share company Need statutes, acquisition and minutes of appointment
Trade and Tax License All companies Lease and partners
Commercial All companies without JV Commercial court present
Social Security All companies without JV Commercial court present
Publication All commercial companies New paper bulletin and gadget

Tax and VAT

Tax Range Rate
Net profit Less than 300 K 10 %
Net profit 300 K to 1 Million 17.5 %
Net Profit More than 1 Million 31 %
Banks and finance company Flat Rate 37 %
VAT for all Standard rate 20 %
Vat for consumer Standard rate 7 %
Vat for food and beverage Not sure 10 %

Note: Import duty exempt if volume is over 100 million. VAT exemption is volume is 100 million within 3 years.

Attractive sectors of investment

  • Manufacture
  • Solar
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Fisheries
  • ICT
  • Small business

Company formation fees in Morocco

Total cost (fees) of registering a private limited company (LLC) in Morocco is less than USD 1000. And total time to open LLC is 30 days. Directors do not need to present physically. Assign someone on director's behalf to do company formation jobs. Authorized person can apply and manage all licenses.

Contact: +601136901890 (Available WhatsApp). As our HQ in Malaysia so it is requested to contact at first to open LLC in Morocco. You are requested to correspondence Malaysia as purpose of filtering your need. Later, Morocco expert will assist to register your business.


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