New business ideas in Pakistan

New business ideas in Pakistan

Investing in a different country can be a tricky move. One would have to be cautious and need to do their homework properly before deciding where and in what they would want to invest in. Invest in the perfect area, and you would be generating a lot of revenue. Invest poorly and it becomes a dark point in your life. Pakistan is one such country where there is room for development.

In fact, their economy is struggling to get some stability even though they have a huge workforce. There are several opportunities to invest in Pakistan in different sectors, which when done right, is sure to bloom into something great for both the country as well as for the investors. So, if you are looking for some new business ideas in Pakistan then check out the list below:

Real Estate

This is one business idea that will only work if you have a heavy source of capital to setup business Pakistan. The demand for housing and real estate in Pakistan is significantly higher than the countries around the region.

The land is always appreciating so there is no fear of losing out on the return on investment. The best thing about real estate business is that even though it requires a lot of capital, you can always start small by buying out the small area of land before going for the larger area.

Commercial Properties

Stick to the theme of land, commercial properties is a very lucrative form of business too. The problem of the real estate business is that not everyone can afford land or home just like that. It requires a great deal of planning on the customer’s part.

However, in the business of commercial properties, you would be basically leasing out your properties or renting them out for certain events or a short time period. It can be easily done and if you have properties such as convention halls, or buildings like that then you could rent it for events almost every day.

To get started on this kind of business, you would simply have to purchase land or pre-existing buildings and halls and start your operations. It is also an ideal business for people who already have properties living in Pakistan (Karachi) which are of no use right now but they don’t want to sell it either.

Ice Cream

Not interested in the heavy business of land and property? Why not try your hand in the business of selling ice creams or other frozen food. The temperatures in Pakistan can reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius during the summer months. In fact, the weather remains extremely hot all throughout the year.

There is an everlasting demand for ice creams and other cold products such as frozen yogurt. You could invest in the business that processes ice creams and yogurts or even acts as the middle man by storing them for reselling and distribution. It is one of those safe investments that is guaranteed to give you a decent return on investment.


Staying on the topic of consumable items, the restaurant business is one such example of a business that is never going to run out of fashion. For as long as humanity needs food to survive, restaurants will continue to thrive in any economy. The Pakistani people have money to spend and the trend of eating outside their homes have rapidly increased in the past couple of years.

So, investing in the restaurant business is a very solid plan. You could try producing the local favorites in your restaurant or if your own country has something authentic dish or special item then your restaurant can sell those. The demand for food will never die down so even if you start slowly at first, it will eventually pick up pace, especially if your service and food quality is top notch. Starting with a small restaurant is a good idea and then you can eventually expand to other areas and open up several branches.


There are a lot of investment opportunities in the energy sector in Pakistan. Just like most other South Asian countries, Pakistan is heavily reliant on fossil fuels as their leading source of power. Compared to the western countries and the more developed Asian countries, Pakistan is significantly behind in terms of using renewable energy on a wide scale.

If you can introduce alternative energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy to Pakistan then you stand the chance to make a great deal of money. In fact, if your business plan is concrete and the investment is on point then you could even get the government of Pakistan to be your leading consumer which would big a massive success for you and your business.

Raw Materials

As new business ideas in Pakistan you may start Raw Materials like cotton, wool; fabrics are available in Pakistan those may import and/ or export to other country. Many foreigners and local investors are doing same business and generating good revenue.


Recycling of iron, plastics and metal goods are very interesting and new business ideas in Pakistan.

These were some of the potential new business ideas that one could invest in Pakistan. While there are other industries and businesses that are worth exploring and investing in, the five mentioned above are either safe bets for a decent return on investments or they lack proper investments which if done right would make you a lot of money.

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