Cost of Company Registration in Portugal

Private Limited Company Registration in Portugal as Foreign Nations Is Easy in 2022. Steps of Portugal Company Formation, Company Register Time and Registration Cost is Euro 1800.

Within 2-3 working days a private limited company is registered in Portugal. There is at least one director required as law either shareholder local or foreigner.

Portugal Company Formation, Company Registration Cost in Portugal

Documents required for Portuguese company register

  • Passport copy of the director (front page)
  • Propose 2-3 business names to check availability
  • Utility bill copy to proof of residence
  • Business address in Portugal (You can use virtual office address of consultancy firm)

Require investment in Portugal to register company

To register company in Portugal, Euro 1 is required but we recommend to invest Euro 500, at least. We recommend to keep paid up capital Euro 5000. This is might unbelievable by foreign entrepreneurs how much investment is required is Euro 1 ! Yes, it is true as new policy of FDI in Portugal.

Company Registration Cost in Portugal

However, fees for the first year will be estimated cost for the first year

  1. Incorporation cost (includes registration, 18 months of company secretary service, 12 months of registered address, company stamp, mail scanning service) - Euro 1800
  2. Appointment of foreign director / shareholder - Euro 100 for per person
  3. Nominee director service fees - Euro 1800
  4. Nominee director security deposit cost - Euro. 1800
  5. Miscellaneous cost Euro 200

Business profile for Portugal company register steps

Foreign shareholders must have a clear business description for Portugal company register. Business nature, shareholding, number of the directors, capital and address. Business profile helps to understand the nature of business intend to begin.

Work permit application and residence visa in Portugal

Shareholder of a company has right to apply for work permit (terms and conditions apply) to carry on business after register. Shareholder can apply for permanent resident after continuing 3 years residence permit along with running a private limited company in Portugal.

How many shareholder is required to register company?

There is minimum 1 (one) shareholder is required for company registration in Portugal.

How much cost of company registration in Portugal?

To complete all the process of limited company registration in Portugal start from $ 1600-$3000 (depend on number of services). There is consultancy fee, business licenses cost, secretary service, bank account open and nominee services inclusive in a package.

How to get work permit and resident visa in Portugal?

Apply to work permit and residence visa after register company in Portugal and follow terms and conditions of investment and monthly salary/ income.


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