Visa in Saudi Arabia

Visa in Saudi Arabia

Business visas are issued for businessmen, investors, managers, sales managers, sales representatives in Saudi Arabia  Ministry of foreign affairs and there are some requirements for issuing business visa in Saudi Arabia and that are stated in the following:-


Business visa in Saudi Arabia will not be granted to work or to be residing and the holders of business visa should not stay over the specified time in visa. All the business visa holders should bear in mind that they must maintain the Islamic laws, regulations of the country and the values along with traditions of the society. Drug trafficking laws are strictly followed in Saudi Arabia severe punishment including death penalty could be introduced on the violators of the laws and regulations.

Saudi Arabia Employment Visa Requirements

Initially the applicants should submit their current, valid, signed Passport to the certain authority which must have minimum 2 side-by-side blank visa pages and not be handwritten. If someone does not have any proper blank visa pages in their passport, their foremost work is to amend having pages added. Besides, the applicants must renew their passport in case of expiring the passport within 6 months.

After that, the applicants should submit a completed and signed Saudi Arabia Visa Application form where all the fields of the application form including Name, Address and Phone number of the applicant must be fully filled out and signed with blue ink because missing or incomplete information will cause for processing delays.

Applicants should take some suggestions from the Visa Specialists when they fill up the online application form. 

Applicants for the employment visa in Saudi Arabia must submit 4 copies recent and 2×2 Passport Photographs with the whites of their visible and should be taken on a white background.

 The applicants must submit a photocopy of the Permanent Resident Card as proof

After that, they should complete the Saudi Sponsor Information form and submit it to the certain authority

The applicants should submit original, signed Employment Contract which must be signed by applicants own self and their sponsor.

The applicants for employment visa must submit a signed Notice of Law and Regulation which must be signed with blue ink

A certified and notarized copy of university degree or diploma, a sealed envelope which contains both official, updated transcript and a verification letter from the college or university register, ID number of the applicants along with the telephone number of contact person should be provided which will bear the proof of the applicants.  

The applicants must submit three copies of original Medical Reports which will be issued and signed by a licensed physician where the license number along with the address of the physician must be mentioned.

All the recent physical exam including full lab test results should be submitted to the authority.

Those who are interested to get the employment visa for Saudi Arabia, they must submit a recent and original police report.

They should submit the Saudi Arabia Mission Authorization Letter to obtain information about your academic record.

The interested applicants must submit an additional photocopy of all submitted materials and must be physically presentat the time of employment visa request.

The total processing time for the employment visa to Saudi Arabia could be taken 6-8 weeks.

Necessary Information for Employment Visa

When foreign investors visit in KSA to setup business and implement various plan of business expansion might come with tourist visa and later on, apply for business visa as requirement.

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