Saudi Arabia Foreign Company Registration-Formation

Saudi Arabia Foreign Company Registration-Formation

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  • Saudi Arabia foreign company registration-formation service, LLC (Limited Company Registration in Saudi Arabia, wholly foreign ownership, JV ),
  • Branch office set up;
  • Service agent;
  • Partnership business registration;
  • Accounts and audit service Income tax and financial advisory;
Company registration in Saudi Arabia step by step:
Investment share capital

Minimum SR five hundred thousand is required to register a new company;

Number of share holders

As our guide and law of company registration in Saudi Arabia, minimum two share holders and maximum number of fifty;

Appoint auditor

Auditor shall be appointed by every private limited company in Saudi Arabia;

Company registration authority

All applications of company incorporation with supporting documents have to produce before SAGIA to be approved them after looking into;

Labor hiring

If the employer like to hire foreign man power is to apply to Ministry of Labor with required supporting papers;

Zakat and income tax

Every private limited company has to have Zakat and income tax certificate/ license and the license issuer is Ministry of finance;

First step of company registration in Saudi Arabia

As our guide line of Saudi Arabia foreign company registration-formation, at the beginning a company name should be approved if said name is vacant;

Next steps of company formation in Saudi Arabia

Collect share holders (directors) information and their consent of business expansion letter, signing and filling up prescribe forms, deposit registration/ incorporation fees in to bank, prepare Memorandum and Association (MoA), appoint auditor and agent are company registration requirements in Saudi Arabia;

Tax free

No tax is applied on sales and hiring foreign employees, condition apply;

Corporate income tax rate

Although corporate income tax vary service to service and product to product, yet, income tax is applied in most cases 20 percent to 45 percent by government;

Limited company registration in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia foreign company registration - formation

Unless get approval from SAGIA no one is allowed to start a business legally in Saudi Arabia. If the application is approved by SAGIA is given permission of starting business with plan but still need permanent license after completion of limited company registration in Saudi Arabia (KSA). Some other licenses are required like local government authority (city corporation), commercial license to make complete permission of new company registration in Saudi Arabia. ASHOM- is called private limited company that is liked by most of the foreign investors to be formed. Company registration fee in Saudi Arabia is not big amount and not more than SR 1400 and other cost is publication of MoA around SR 600-700. As normal behavior employer has to ensure health safety of the employees and to be same have to have permission or license from Health Ministry. As we have noticed that average salary for labor is not more than SR 2500-3000. In case of setting up industry in Saudi Arabia, must apply for industry license into MOC along with other licenses GOSI, Zakat, 700 labor office and Municipality license. I hope you will enjoy our service of Saudi Arabia foreign company registration-formation.

Agency Business

  • Agency type of business registration is controlled by Commerce; Ministry;
  • Foreign company should use Saudi Commercial agents to involve in those activities;
  • Industrial investment amount in projects are minimum SR one million those should take license;

Joint Stock Companies

  • Minimum SR 2 million have to remit for private limited entity and SR 10 million in terms of public limited where 5 share holders are required.

Offshore Corporation

  • Entrepreneurs are interested to go through this way to begin a fresh enterprise due to low costing and taxation too where trade is restricted within particular area;
  • In case of offshore company registration in Saudi Arabia shall have same permission documents like LLC;

Branch Office Open in Saudi Arabia

  • Government allows Branch office establishment as full ownership without local partnership;
  • The process of set up branch office like LLC in Saudi Arabia Foreign Company Registration-Formation;
  • Minimum investment capital has to remit as law of the country of Foreign Direct Investment amounting of SR 500,000;
  • It cannot transact business but monitor the activities and it liable under Saudi Investment Authority;
  • Required documents of the organization need to attest by embassy of Saudi where main company is located;
  • Beginning fresh enterprise Franchising is another option that is preferred by non Saudian, provided that application should process through commercial agency;



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