Small business ideas in Botswana

Small business ideas in Botswana

If you are looking for business opportunities somewhere outside your nation’s borders then you can consider Botswana as a perfect place to start something new. Have look our small business ideas in Botswana, is an African country which has seen a great deal of developments in the past couple of decades. It has one of the fastest rising economies in Africa and the GDP of the nation has seen a steady rise.

The people now have greater purchasing power and they are willing to try out new products and services. If you are not sure what types of business you should start in Botswana, listed below are some ideas that will help you to get started:

Leather products: 

There are over two million cattle in Botswana. This means that there is an abundance supply of leather to go around as the demand for meat is quite high as well and obtain a visa to Botswana. So, if you are looking to invest in a business in Botswana then manufacturing leather products will be a smart thing to do. The supply of leather is high meaning you can produce a great number of products starting from bags to shoes to belts and so on.

The people of Botswana are eager to try out new fashionable accessories so this business will sure to be a hit. If done right, then your small business ideas in Botswana can eventually expand and start exporting beyond the country boundaries.

Restaurant or Café: 

The food industry is such that it will never go out of business for as long as people need food to survive. The best part about opening a restaurant or café in a foreign country is that you can introduce your local cuisine to this new country.

This will not only help you stand out among the rest of your competitors but it will also ensure that there is something new in the country and people will be eager to try them out. Offer them food that are authentic and provide flavors that are not from Botswana. You do not even need to start a restaurant, a small food cart or a café will do initially before expanding further.

Tourism business: 

One of the best features about Botswana is that it is a beautiful country with lots to offer to their tourists. The likes of Chobe National Park with lots of fantastic things to witness such as great animals, hike trails, rivers, camping and so on. There are other amazing places worth visiting too.

So if you are looking to start a business in Botswana then you should try investing in the tourism sector.

There are lots of opportunities in this sector. You can either provide accommodations in partnership with the local rest houses or the big named hotels. Or you can provide tourism deals to the tourists. You can even provide services such as pick and drop, or even provide translators or camping guides and so much more.

Construction business: 

As mentioned earlier, small business ideas in Botswana is still developing as an economy and this means there is loads of work to be done such as building roads, bridges or even houses.

So, if you have the financial capability, then invest in the construction sector. There will be no shortage of work and doing a good job will enable you to earn more customers and grow you business to register company by leaps and bounds.

Craft Products: 

The people of Botswana are quite fond of craft products. They like the traditional bangles, clothes, symbolic accessories and so on. They are a good demand for such products and this can be a very good business to start in this country.

Manufacturing craft products will require a small investment and the risks themselves will be quite little too. In fact, hundreds of tourists visit Botswana every year and they all take some sort of local handmade craft products home as souvenirs. So investing in such a business will not only help you meet the locals’ demands but also that of the tourists too.

Meat Industry: 

As mentioned earlier, Botswana is the home of around two million cattle. There is an increasing demand for local meat. So, this provides the perfect opportunity to invest in the meat industry. And the best part about it is that it opens a wide opportunity to export the meat too.

Many countries in Europe are beneficiaries of beef that are imported from Botswana. So, if you can run your business correctly then you will not only engage in the local market but ship abroad too. This can only be a good thing for you and your multiple small business ideas in Botswana.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing can be a great way to earn in Botswana. Therefore, when thinking about small business ideas in this nation, digital marketing business is a great way. Moreover, this business demands very to no investments.

All it need is a computer, internet connectivity and proper knowledge on digital marketing. For such marketing, you will basically need SEO and SEM specialists, digital marketing analyst, an experienced content developer or manager, graphic designer. If you have them in your connection, you are good to go for this business idea.

Event organizer:

Another business idea that can prove to be a prospective revenue builder is the event planner or event organizer. This is an interesting business field; however, this field demands you to have a big network with the vendors.

The events that asks for organizer are mainly birthday party, office inaugurations and wedding programs.  A skilled organizer always has big collection of raw material suppliers, carpenters and workers in his/her list, to convert the creative idea into reality in the event.

Horticulture and agrobusiness:

Investment in agriculture and horticulture sector can be a good deal in Botswana. It is the core means of human consumption, therefore leaves a vital importance when production is in the mind. The sector also opens up many other secondary business opportunities for local farmers. This opens up opportunities foe those who are skilled and interested to work on fields and expert in growing raw farm crops and livestock.

Photography business:

If you want to combine hobby with business, photography can be the one you are looking for in Botswana. This business has lucrative opportunities in this country. And can easily run to the top list of small business ideas in Botswana.

However, to keep in mind that this business demands skill. Skill on using and handling digital SLR cameras, related equipment. You also need to have firm knowledge of using photoshop tools and applications, which is a must in this business. If you think that you have these skills, you are most welcome in this business.


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