Small business ideas in Ghana

Some small business ideas in Ghana are stated in the following that the Ghanaian can start to make income and help the Ghanaian economy with the full pace.

Small business ideas in Ghana

Waste management

Ghana is still battling with more burden of filth though there are some companies of waste management in the country and the reason is the amount managed by the companies are lower than the produced waste in the country. The worst thing is many Ghanaians are still in the habit of throwing waste into drainage. So, this is a big opportunity of making money in Ghana if the entrepreneurs start a waste management business that offers to help people handle their wastes and refuse.

Herbal medicine

Not only orthodox medicine is effective in combating various ailments and the people of Ghana have realized the fact. This is considered the main reason of increasing demand for herbal medications in Ghana along with making herbal medicine more popular in Ghana. The most amazing thing is almost all the medicinal plants that are used to handle various ailments situated in Ghana and it is now clear to all that Ghana is a fertile ground for flagging off a business that sells herbal medicine which are cheaper than orthodox medicine.

Agriculture and farming

Food is the basic needs of human being and the demand of food is increasing because of increasing population in Ghana. The agricultural sector is one of the most underutilized in the country and the most important thing is Ghana has soils that can support a vast variety of food crops. Some of the private companies are contributing in this sector though the contribution of government is not enough to explore the sector. As there is always a high demand for agricultural produce, people can like the agricultural industry in Ghana to a gold mine which can be a great business in Ghana.

Oil and gas

The oil and gas sector in Ghana is an enrich sector and in this reason, the country is set to join the list of petroleum exporting countries. The oil sector of Ghana is gradually improving and it is presently begging to be explored extensively. The most amazing thing is there is no limit to the profit that players in this sector can make through following the discovery of oil in Ghana. The investors can make a venture to start of oil and gas as the business could be very expensive.


The present condition of internet access is still very scarce in Ghana where the few internet facilities available are far below average. Starting business in the ICT sector could be profitable because Ghanaians are presently craving high quality internet services in their homes and offices and the most important thing is they have no problems paying for such if the provided quality is kept consistent. So, the ICT sector in Ghana is still under explored and the interested entrepreneurs can make a huge amount of profit from there.

Food production

Ghana offers the much-needed raw materials for food processing companies because it is considered the home too many agricultural food products. Starting a food processing as small business ideas in Ghana is a smart and lucrative move for the entrepreneurs since food is always in high demand around the world. Food production business is one of the easiest to start and the entrepreneurs can start on a smaller scale by launching a small business or restaurant that sells foods and snacks which is really a profitable business.

Transport services

Transportation is another necessary thing in the fast world and the reality in Ghana agrees with this. Transport for passengers, carrying food from one place to another is another necessity and this is a promising opportunity for the entrepreneurs who have an interest in the transportation sector. The interested people can start a business that renders transport services that ply short routes or on a large scale with many large vehicles that ply long routes in Ghana and it will be a profitable sector in the next few years.

  Real estate

Real estate sector in Ghana is the most expensive sector as well as very lucrative like other countries. The nucleus of development and industrialization is gradually shifting towards the region following the discovery of oil in the Western part of Ghana. If the investors focus on the oil-rich region, they will surely make more money as a real estate investor.


Money is the big factor to start any kind of business and many small businesses are yet to launch and many existing ones are yet to expand for the lack of funds. Therefore, there is high demand for micro finance services. Those who have a background in banking, especially micro finance banking, they will easily make money and at the same time help develop many small businesses.


This is another big industry in Ghana and investors can make profit from there. Tourism is another small business ideas in Ghana for local and/ or foreign investors.

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