Small business ideas in Pakistan

Small business ideas in Pakistan

To start with small investments in small businesses in Pakistan is actually the smarter thing to do. Very few people give small businesses a serious consideration.

That is actually quite wrong because it is in the small businesses where there are huge investment opportunities and limitless growth potential.

In case you are left with scratching your head as to what kind of small business ideas in Pakistan to be invested in, we have listed down a couple of suggestions down below:

Bee Keeping

With each passing day, people are becoming more health conscious. And with more knowledge regarding health issues, the importance of honey is increasing and the demand for it has increased by leaps and bounds in both Pakistan and worldwide. So, the perfect small business ideas in Pakistan to invest in would be in beekeeping.

It does not take a lot of money to set it up. All you will need is a bee farm set up, a couple of expert beekeeping workers and a few other things. It’s a small investment which is surely going to double in no time and if you can play your cards right then you can not only capture the Pakistani market but also ship it abroad for even larger profits.

Mobile Car Wash

If you are looking for starting a business that requires very little capital but has a decent demand in the market then you could opt for mobile car wash business. This is one of the few small business ideas in Pakistan that would not require you to have a retail location.

You would invest in car wash products and hardworking employees. Instead of the cars coming to your car wash facilities, your workers would go to their place of residence and cash their cars quickly and effectively.

Most people in Pakistan are not eager to drive down to car servicing areas for a wash as they find it too time consuming. But this way, they would be getting the services right from their homes inside the confines of their garages. One could call this type of business as a more luxurious service that the people of Pakistan are more open to.

Tourism Agencies

Pakistan is known for a lot of things but tourism isn’t one of their strongest suits. This is because they lack investment in that sector and proper marketing. A small and safe investment would be in tourism agencies.

There are many great places to visit in Pakistan and people from abroad should visit those places. It’s a relatively unsaturated market, so if you plan to invest in it, you and your business would be the pioneers of reviving and rejuvenating the tourism sector in Pakistan.

This would allow you to capture the market share and give you a very decent return on investment. A part of your job would be to create packages for tourist to travel to and provide them with accommodations such as hotels and resorts.


Photography is another good business idea for young entrepreneurs. Of the increasing trend of photography, now it is not only confined to weddings. People tend to go for a formal photographer on childbirth or a family get-together.

Photography is an innovative business idea to opt for in Pakistan. Whether it be Wedding or event photography or modeling it will be fruitful if you have the skill to do it. Free and paid photography courses are available throughout Pakistan and also online to get trained for becoming a professional.

A one-time around 1-lac rupees investment in a DSLR Camera will surely result in profitable outcomes.

Makeup Artist

The makeup artist may be a good choice for you. This is because makeup is considered one of the most essential elements of the life of Pakistani women. Although it can cover up to 1 lakh investment business in Pakistan.

Not only the high end, good quality makeup products are expensive but learning the skills professionally is very necessary and requires time, dedication and investment. But not in vain, makeup artists are also making great strides from their homes today and gaining popularity and access to popular platforms after self-teaching and blogging!

Event Planners

Nowadays event planning is another good business for entrepreneur to startups. You do know how everything now demands a celebration in Pakistan. Don’t get me started on criticising this increasing trend but whatever it is as a business mindset you have got to avail all the possible opportunities.

So, whether it be Eid-Millan party, bridal showers, birthday, baby showers, haqeeq ceremony, or any such celebration if you opt to be an event planner company you will be much needed after time to time. It includes all from the decoration to the food and photographer and the entertainments and stuff. As much as you expand this business you will increase your potential profit!

IT or Software Development Firm

An IT or software development company has major potential in Pakistan. As well, there is talent from neighboring countries that can be brought in too.

The software development firm would work with local businesses owner or company to develop their business and would help them manage their business and make more money.

For instance, this could be by developing a software application for a local clinic with multiple locations to share healthcare files for easier client servicing. Or you could take a more risky approach and build software programs for new startups and take a percentage of their equity as payment.

Content Writing

Anywhere content writing is a Zero Investment business idea for making money. All you need for it is a laptop along with internet access or simply a pen and paper. Couple with your skill in writing! It may be adopted as a Part-Time or full-time job.

The progress is gradual in this kind of business but proves to be profitable in the long run! Pakistani women have been taking up this kind of business seriously lately as they can support their families from the comfort of their homes in this way.

Social Media Consultancy

Social media consultancy is another profitable and good business idea in Pakistan that doesn’t require a lot of investment. To start this business, you should be good in:

  • Social Media strategy
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Content management
  • Modern Advertising
  • Personalized service
  • Building relationship

Food Delivery Services

Human beings will need food no matter what kind of lives they lead or where they live. Investing in the food sector of Pakistan is one of the smartest ideas you can come up with. Investing in food delivery services would be even smarter. Invest in areas where there are a significant number of offices.

These offices would have employees needing regular food for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. A wise move would be to set a weekly menu and deliver your items to these office workers. Payment system could be done via subscription methods.

Once the people start liking your food and services, the word of mouth will spread and your business would expand too. From a small initial investment in a tiny business idea, you could grow to be a franchise in Pakistan.

Call Center Agencies

A great number of call centers are opening up in the developing nations in Asia. This is because more and more western companies are outsourcing their customer care services to these countries on the East for cost effective purposes.

Investing in a call center agency in Pakistan would be both beneficial for you and cost effective too. All you would need is a proper workplace with working phone lines and internet connections. Finding clients is also easy nowadays.

There are several freelancing websites where you can find a number of small to medium sized companies who are looking for call centers. For a small investment, you could end up making quite a lot of profit.


Two types of services might be given: 1) If the customer use the washing machine themselves charges will be lower than 2. 2) Receive dirty dresses and let shop keeper finish the service will be charged more.


It’s a booming business now a day in every country where the economy is lower, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, African states. Because of experts are hired by lower prices than other developed countries and so, you can set up such a business with a good plan.

School stationery

Small shop but plenty of school goods like different types of books, pencils, erasers, papers and many more materials for kids. To start such shop suitable location should find out.

Ice Cream Shop

Everybody like ice cream and if you open an ice cream shop where multiple types of ice cream will be preserved for selling is good business. This can be another smart small business ideas in Pakistan.

The above-mentioned business opportunities are the strongest to ensure and secure. There are quite a lot of other small business ideas in Pakistan. All of the small business ideas mentioned need time, dedication and hard work in the beginning to succeed.

In fact, investing in new business in Pakistan is an inevitable way to succeed in this country and at the same time, you could be market leaders too.

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