Small business ideas in Philippines

Small business ideas in Philippines

You may like our small business ideas in Philippines as below discussion. The Philippine economy remained strong even in 2016. Unemployment fell to a historic low of 4.7 percent in 2016, as 1.4 million net jobs were created. The GDP of Philippines will grow at a rate of 6.9 percent in 2017 and 2018 as projected by the World Bank. With the estimated GDP per capita $ 3,280 for 2017 the entrepreneurship in the Philippines is on the rise. There are some small business ideas requiring minimum investments but promising reasonable rates of returns.

Real Estate Agency Business

One of the most promising small business ideas in Philippines can be started by local or foreign investors. The demands for properties have no limit. A  Real Estate Brokerage License will be more rewarding in this type of business license in the Philippines.

Sari-Sari Store Business

If you are placed in a busy location that experiences huge traffic, then you might want to consider putting up a sari-sari store. If the location is good the sales can cash PHP 18000 to 20000 in a day.

Computer Shop / Internet Cafe Business

Depending on the location accommodating young stars this still could be a good business in Philippines with reasonably small investment.

Web Developing Business

If you have the know-how you can start it once business grows you can outsource jobs on commission basis too.

Laundry Service Business

Busy metro life forcing people like to go for paid laundry service. This is one of the small business ideas in Philippines, you can start at home. What you need is a washing machine and detergents.

T-shirt Printing Business

Uses of T-shirts are beyond limits and so are the designs. There are a lot of ways you can market a t-shirt business.

Event Organizer or planning Business

This is the business of the day. Planning and arranging events for various private and public gatherings is a good business with minimum investments.

Coffee Shop Business

This is the trending business in Philippines now. You can try one with or without franchise in a reasonably busy locations or intersections.

Dog Breeding Business

If you have knowledge of breeding dogs you can start one with good prospect.

Candle Making Business

Even in this age of technology peoples need candles celebrating various occasions. With low cost investment you can start your candle making business where you can work out on a part-time to full-time basis.

Gardening and Landscaping Business

From residences to industries gardening and landscaping is a most sought after jobs.

Mobile Food Cart

Food is one of three basic necessities of human race thus business prospects know no bounds. The cost depends on the type of cart you opt for. You can sell cooked foods or foods cooked to order. With a mobile food cart your business activities are not necessarily restricted by the choice of location.

Food Delivery to offices

In a metropolis this could be good small business ideas in Philippines. People love to have homemade foods but owing to carrying problem these remain out of reach during office hours. Just you need to target offices with good crowds to target your deliveries.

Budget Clothing Business

As small business ideas in Philippines, low priced clothing or budget clothing has demands. Trendy but affordable clothes are always in demands. You just have to look for good sourcing destinations and locations in and around shopping areas.

Ukay-Ukay business

This is the business of selling used clothing. The Filipinos are looking for such clothing because of the cheap pricing. There are used clothes imported from overseas countries these are overrun but still good for use. You can have one in low income earners area at prices far lower than high streets while operating in a base good for your business.

Recruitment Agency Business

Skilled human resources are quiet in demands in a fastest growing economy like the one of the Philippines. Although there is no shortage of job seekers in the job market one needs to pick up the best ones. On the other end seekers looking for quality employers but don’t have the required know-how to explore one. Opening a data bank you just need to bridge the prospective employers with the job seekers or vice versa in exchange of fees or commissions or service charges.

Insurance Brokerage Business

In this millennium peoples in Philippines like in other growing nations becoming more interested than ever and there are different kinds of insurances ranging from individual life insurances to insuring properties to choose from. Meeting the ever growing demand of the insurance sector, you can work for insurance companies being an agent on commission basis.

Car Rental Business

There are peoples in the Philippines have idle cars or mini buses to rent out but lacking the required connections or processes to do so. Pick up some of these suitable to engage in rentals then start communicating with the offices, companies, hotel and motels or individuals looking for rental services. If you can afford to have vehicles of your own then you are more comfortable to do the business.

Souvenir Shop Business

In tourist spots or stop-overs the scopes of selling souvenirs are always there. In Philippines one can experience the influx of tourists from around the world. What you need is a little space and good but affordable collections of gift items to display.

Tiangge shop Business

Tiangge is Flea market in English as you know and the business concept too not new. Usually dry merchandises of daily needs on sell here and the usual places are the street corners or in the parking lots of malls.

Cell phone loading business

With the e-loading technology in hand this becomes a very handy business. Apart from loading cell phones the prepaid game cards can also be traded here. This requires very tiny space and can be placed in any locations. Just you have to see that the locations have crowds, more or less.

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