Small business ideas in Tunisia

Small business ideas in Tunisia

Are you planning to start a business in Tunisia? Then you are at the right article. Doing business in Tunisia will yield you profit. It is a very well known fact that Europe used to be the heart of trading activity hundreds of years ago. That power shifted to America before they had to move over for Asia. As it stands Asia is the biggest market right now and they are closely followed by Africa.

Africa as a continent has shown quite a considerable amount of development and growth over the past couple of decades. One of those African countries happens to be Tunisia. Ever since they moved to a democratic system, the country has seen steady progress and made gradual economic growth.

As a result, it is no surprise to see foreign investors, both individuals and groups have taken up an interest in starting business in Tunisia. While the country may be far off from getting heavy investments, there are still a number of small business ideas in Tunisia that can be implemented easily. There are many advantages of starting a business in Tunisia.

Below is the list of top small scale business ideas, these have good business opportunities in Tunisia:

Restaurant Business:

Restaurant business in Tunisia is one of the business that has been creating millionaires in this nation for decades. There will always be the need for places to eat out. You can take advantage of this opportunity and start your own restaurant business in Tunisia today.

The restaurant business in Tunisia and many other places around the world is one of the most lucrative ventures to start up. This is largely a result of the insatiable worldwide demand for food, which doesn’t just make it a highly profitable business for building entrepreneurs, but also one of the best recession proof business ideas to explore.

Fiber Optics:

We live in an era where everything is digitized. It’s called the information era. Everything and almost anything can be connected to the internet. While Tunisia was closed off from the rest of the world previously, they are now open to explore globally. Hence, the demand of the internet has been at an all time high. Getting into the business of fiber optics may be one of the surest ways of gaining revenue.

Why? Because everyone needs internet right now and providing top quality services will ensure you never lose the customers. It wouldn’t take much investment either. The government of Tunisia is willing to accept foreign investments, so there will not be much of a hassle. A working server with decent bandwidth is all it will take to establish a fiber optics are small business ideas in Tunisia.

Transportation Business:

Transport business is another good business ideas in Tunisia today. Why? The explanation is easy – everyone needs transportation in Tunisia. Imagine the number of people using road transport each day. Some people, in order to commute between their home and their place of work, spend a lot of time on the road. Others use transport to move their goods from one place to another.

Also, we should consider the number of intercity travels per day. When you look at all these, you understand why this business is a hotcake.

Government Tenders:

One of the most common forms of complaints among the Tunisian citizens is that the government isn’t doing much for them. While the government is trying hard, it's just that they are exactly capable of doing all the work. This is where foreign investments can come into play.

As an outsider, they can compete for government tenders. That is to say, they will be doing the government’s work for them for a sizeable return. Doing it perfectly means the business is set for life because the company will have only one customer and that is the organization that runs the whole country. As a foreign investor, the organization can have ideas and methods which are new to the country and they may make proceedings faster.

Call Centers:

Arguably the most common form of outsourcing job in the European and American business world is the call center jobs. Many international companies outsource their customer care sector to other countries for low costs. This is one of those business ideas that is surely going to work in Tunisia.

As it stands there are a lot of workers in Tunisia but not all of them are skilled. The job of call centers wouldn’t require much training or even skilled workers. A simple phone line and internet is all it needs to connect to the customers on the other side of the world and answer their queries.

It is a low investment business and even if it fails to get off, there will not be much loss to bear. But on the other hand, once it gains popularity, more and more people will look to outsource their calls to your company and then the business can expand to greater lengths. It is one of those low risks but high return small business ideas in Tunisia that will surely bring a change.

ICT Infrastructure:

Tunisia and Africa as a whole lacks investments and progress in the ICT sectors. They are earnestly looking for investment in this field so that the country’s IT sector can grow. There are a lot of local IT companies that have all of their basic setups done. So investing in them will not mean one has to start right from the scratch. Rather it would mean the investments will help the company’s progress. And if done right, then the investment can lead to capturing the market share and enjoying a great deal of profits.


Tunisia is still a country which has a large part of it in the agriculture as small business ideas in Tunisia. These agriculture businesses are using old and backdated machinery which make the task of growing crops and other consumables very difficult. With proper investments in machinery and equipment, the agriculture sector will see rapid developments and that in return will bring in a great amount of revenue and the return on investments will be satisfactory.

Training Facilities:

As mentioned earlier, the workforce of Tunisia is great in spirits but they lack the proper skill set to engage themselves in high position jobs. Investing in training facilities in Tunisia will lead to a win-win situation for both the country and the company itself. The country will benefit from having deft workers while the company will have a huge number of workers willing to enroll themselves in training programs.

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