Small business ideas in South Africa

Small business ideas in South Africa

South Africa has provided to be a very alluring destination for starting a business. With the country still in developments stages and open to new ideas, there are a lot of opportunities for a lot of new businesses to open up in South Arica.

Small business ideas in South Africa are thriving in this country. With reasonable capital funding, and a handful of workers, one can easily make a decent profit. This is one of the reasons why so many foreign internationals are looking to start their business in South Africa. It requires less money and with little or no government regulations to follow, it is easy to get started here.

Listed below are some of the good small business ideas in South Africa, hope It’s will help you to make a decision to start a business in this nation:


South Africa sees a great number of tourists visiting the country every year. The country is loaded with tourist spots. Investing in tourism with this country may be a wise decision. Offering sight-seeing packages or accommodation deals may be the best way to start. As small business ideas in South Africa, tourism is one of the best business if it is started professional way.

Retail business

Retail businesses are a great way of earning money. The basic job of retail business is to act as the middle man. You will not be responsible for manufacturing any products, so that saves a lot of costs. All you have to do is buy products from your supplier and then sell it to your customers.

Having a strong online presence can help you sell these products even more easily. The main cost of retail business is to stock up on the products and that shouldn’t be a problem since your capital will be used to simply purchase those items. It is a very effective way of entering the South African market.

Computer Business Centers

A lot of people in South Africa have computers at their homes. But not all of them are adept at using them. Opening up a computer business center will allow you to lend you services to such people. The set up would not cost much for as long as you are good with your computer skills. In terms of services you can provide helping hand in completing assignments for school going kids, or help professionals write their CVs or even make presentation slides for different people.

Entertainment Business

This is one of those ideas which haven’t become really popular in South Africa. In fact, nobody has ever done it either nor has been able to popularize it. Party Entertainment Business would require your company to provide services such as party decorations, balloons, arranging games for the kids, and even provide entertainment such as clowns of magicians.

A handful of skilled people are all you need to start this business. It would be very simple and less stressful kind of business and would require little financing to start up. If you can do it successfully then your reputation is likely to increase and you can get more customers and expand your small business to a larger one.

Food items to offices

The food industry is one such business that will never go out of fashion for as long as human beings need food to survive. However, starting a food business may not always mean having to open up a restaurant or have a fancy set up. It can be as simple as selling small food items such as lunch meals or evening snacks to corporate offices.

With the number of companies and offices in South Africa steadily growing, one can look into this idea of selling food items to such corporations. Arrange a set menu, and include a couple of alternating items, and then have them delivered to such offices on regular lunch hours and you shall be able to generate a decent profit. It wouldn’t take a lot of capital to get started nor would it require a great deal of employees.


Arguably the most troublesome part of South Africa is the language barrier. There are too many languages in this country and most of the time foreign internationals such as tourist, expats and other similar people have trouble dealing with the language problems.  Getting into the translator business would be very effective. Hiring local workers who speak multiple languages will also help you to keep the cost low and the profits will always be higher.

Book Store

Despite the notion that people no longer read books and that those who do prefer e-books, there are a great number of people who prefer reading with the book in their hands. Selling books is a very cost-effective business that one can easily start. It’s a small business idea that is guaranteed to flourish if the services are top notch. Selling books online is an even better idea. This cuts out the cost of renting a place and one has to only bear the cost of delivery to make sells.

Mobile Car Wash

South Africa already has a lot of car servicing facilities where one can get their cars washed and get it cleaned. However, most people do not have the time to go to car cash and wait there for long hours. A mobile car wash business would see that the services are provided right at home. The car can be easily washed in front of the house or in the garage. This would save a lot of time for the people and be cheaper for them too.

Now a day, it is a smart small business idea in South Africa and any country, also. Getting in this business would require a couple of car washers, some car washing products and a working telephone line to receive the wash orders.

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