Argentina Foreign Company Registration

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Argentina Foreign Company Registration

Our service area: Argentina foreign company registration service,

  • Manages business license, branch office registration;
  • Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),
  • Accounts , audit preparation, income tax and financial advisory in Argentina;

Argentina Foreign Company Registration

  • As company registration process: Ensure institution Name , workplace, MOA, Papers notarized;
  • Trade authorization, VAT (Value added tax) and other permission is required to register a private limited company in Argentina;
  • Incorporation permission of industry issued by Secretary of State;
  • Decision copy of investors to setup foreign institution;
  • Two to fifty (2-50) initiators possibly will compose a business as fdi policy
  • Corporate tax 35 per cent inĀ Argentina foreign company registration;
  • Corporate VAT 21 per cent
  • Lowest share value of 12,000 United State Dollar (twelve thousand) , as LL corporation, should dispatch considering Foreign Direct Investment
  • On condition, 25 per cent of capital payment confirm by the partners within 2 (two) years in terms of JV business;
  • GDP of Argentine per capita is more than thirteen thousand;
  • Foreign investors are welcome to the country;
  • No hassle of transferring the amount of revenue from business to the mother country;
  • Foreign exchange market is flexible to enter into and trading; Like overseas and local entity are not difference as eyes of law;
  • Revenue surplus tax is zero and no additional tax is applied on guest investors;
  • Non residence enjoy entire rights of movement and business operation;
  • Overseas nationals have bank finance opportunity to spread out commerce;
  • Every contract between non residence and local are significant before the government;
  • Business risk can minimize insurance company those are ready to cooperate them in easy way;

Note: We provide company registration service in Argentina for foreigner, only.

Branch Office Registration in Argentina

Following supporting papers are required for branch office registration in Argentina:

  • Different permitted papers of the head firm with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors doing operation;
  • Legal power dedicate someone who shall carry on in favor of mother organization;
  • To entire registration process might necessitate 4 (four) weeks;


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