Chile Foreign Company Registration Incorporation

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Chile Foreign Company Registration

Our service area: Chile foreign company registration-incorporation service;

  • Manages business license, branch office registration;
  • Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),
  • Accounts , audit preparation, income tax and financial advisory in Chile

Chile Foreign Company Registration, Incorporation

Step by step Chile Foreign Company Registration Process:

  • Registration process: Approval office of investment promotion grant to the applicants of incorporation.
  • Ensure company Name , Address, MOA, Papers notary, Trade authorization, VAT (Value added tax) and other permission is required to register a private limited company in Morocco;
  • Personal detail of the promoters, overseas, cannot skip to disclose the authority.
  • Lowest share is open, out of restriction, as directly investment policy
  • Chile foreign company registration , envoy shall be residence to Chile;
  • 1 (one) director plus 1 (one) shareholders are required to create fresh business
  • What the directions of business shall be starting on it by the overseas organization should declare them;
  • Deed of contract shall have to be printed as incorporation steps before public/ newspaper;
  • Corporate tax 15 (fifteen) per cent that applicable for corporate and liaison office
  • As instruction of finance ministry levy is lower for the overseas entrepreneur and are relaxed from taxes of raising profit;
  • They are welcome to public market to slit out number of shares;
  • Owners are allowed to purchase assets and dividend of own corporation after receiving tax;
  • In case of domicile first class tax shall be applicable ;
  • Maximum number of sponsors cannot exceed of fifty to LLC (limited company) here;
  • Banks of this state are friendly to non-residence investors to cooperate them opening account or apply for credit;

Branch Office Registration

The following papers are required for branch office registration:

  • There are different approval papers of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors;
  • Power given a human who shall proceed taking liabilities in favor of mother organization;
  • About more a month (6 weeks ) might needful to complete registration process;


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