Small business ideas in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is situated in the area of Indian Ocean. Population is more than 21 million and capital is Colombo. Tamil English and Sinhala are popular local language. Foreign direct investors like to start business in Sri Lanka as maritime and air communication is better & one of the attractive country for the tourists. Education level is much higher than many countries. As a new business thinker may think which business can be started there? At the beginning, small investors unlike to invest more money rather pay more time and hope better in future. I can share some small business ideas in Sri Lanka that can be started as follows.

Online Marketing: As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start online marketing business as following ideas. Do you have limited cash to start a small business in Sri Lanka! You may learn online marketing and become expert and build team. Small office or from home business might be start. How to get the contract job? You can contact some product selling companies and service provider companies to make contract of online marketing.

SEO: As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start SEO (Search Engine) business as following ideas. It’s very lucrative business IF you are good knowledgeable on this field. Do you know why top ten list appear in Google 1st page when search to find something? Why one comes at 1st, another one 2nd , 3rd …? Who check the 2nd page of Google to find anything by searching! Top 10 SEO standard lists will come at first page of Google.

Photographer: As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start photographer business as following ideas. Different sorts of photographer as professional, non professional, hobby of photography are noticeable. Non professional may become professional photographer one day. However, good photographer is hired to take photos of wedding ceremony and many parties. Reputation spread out to lots of people IF pictures are good and recommendable.

Export/ Import: As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Export/ import business as following ideas. Export and/or import business started from what time is unknown! If some goods are produced a lot and become surplus end of year can think to be exported to other place or country where is demand of that goods. Let, garment is a good business in Sri Lanka. So, you can export garment goods to European countries.

Fast food: As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Fast Food business as following ideas. Ever body like food! Making food and taste of them are difference country to country. Many people like Chinese, Italian, Indian and many more foods as their choice list. This food is reach food so, you can think about fast food that is cheaper and easier to make. Small shop or mobile shop is enough to start fast food business. Sometimes well located space is not available and that case can consider mobile fast food shop.

Cloth selling by online: It’s new business policy applied by youngster. Most of the people, now a day, who is between 15 to 45 years old use internet and obviously Facebook. So, send message, promotion your goods or services are easier by internet. As such, you can sell cloths (T-Shirt, Women dress, Kids cloth etc) by online. Even, you can start such business from home. As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Cloth selling by online business as following ideas.

Homemade food: No body imagined before than homemade food can be sold commercially. You can sell Cake, Pitha, Dry Sweet, Chips, Samucha, Chatni, Bread, Biscuit, Potato Fry (French fry) and many more goods making at home and sell them in market. Small investment and more profit. Target a market and appoint some young sales person to sell them. As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Homemade Food business as following ideas

Event Management: A group of people or friends can start even management business. Before starting this business know the process and learn from professional event management program or work in event Management Company for an experience. Many people work as part time to complete the program within time frame. Advertisement is the key to spread out your business information to other people. Firstly start event management program within your relatives, friends, well wishers, neighbors as experience.  So, as small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Event Management business as following ideas.

Used goods selling: It is another good small business in Sri Lanka. You may sell used goods like mobile, electric products, motorcycle etc and display products online or, at your shops. You can start your goods marketing by online or local daily news paper advertisement. Therefore small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Used Goods selling business as following ideas.

Online library: As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Online Library business as following ideas. You can find many book worms a live till now who seeks new books to read. It’s a hobby. Knowledge comes from reading, watching and practical works. People like to collect information, earn knowledge from home reading books. Some people like romantic books, thrill books, adventure boobs, religious, historical books and many more type of books. You can upload books in your website and make members as many as possible.

Mobile coffee shop: Set up a coffee shop in population density area or business area or near sea beach. As it is movable and stand any place when needs. So, mobile coffee shop is another small business in Sri Lanka. So, as small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Mobile Coffee Shop business as following ideas.

Food court: Food business is profitable in any country. Start food business location selection is first job after then decoration, staffs, types of food and etc. As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Food Court business as

Fabrics selling: As garments business is at good position is Sri Lanka. Many fabrics selling small business have been established surrounding business area where garments are located. So, you may start fabrics business in commercial area or near garments area. As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Fabrics Selling business as following ideas.

Tourism: As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Tourism business as following ideas. Sri Lanka is a tourist country. Many foreign tourists and local like to visit tourist spots including sea beach area. You may offer a package of tour in particular spots. Find information where foreign tourists like to visit most and make a package considering serving them. You may open website and publish offer and start SEO for online promotion because as a foreign tourist before arrival into Sri Lanka they search in Google to get information about tourist place and find if any lucrative package is available and good guide can be given to them.

IT: It expert people can start IT business instead of starting job with other company. Employee means you are dependent and employer mean you are independent. As comparison an employee after 5 years get a good remuneration and what is his/ her financial safety! As employer after 5 years you can be a good business man. Your business is the future of your family. A child of an employee will become an employee mean same hard working and start from the beginning like father. What about business man! Think. As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Information Technology business as following ideas.

Goods supply for construction: Sub-contract of goods supply for the construction contractor or directly goods supply to the construction companies.

Professional service: It is a talent business mean sale your idea and knowledge and earns money. Let, you are chartered accountant and have well knowledge on accounts can start accounts service or audit service for the corporate. Such, legal service, tax, HR, financial advisory and many more business might start as professional service in Sri Lanka. As small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start Professional Service business as following ideas.

Gardening: Plantation and gardening are good business now a day. It can be started at your own useless land.

Web site design: It’s a growing business in Sri Lanka. If you are expert on web page design can start this business. Firstly start developing to your nearest person’s web design and increase portfolio. You can open account in Freelancing.

Domain & Hosting: This is one of the good businesses if you can start up. Your primary investment capital might be US$ 1500. You have to have well knowledgeable on web domain and hosting systems. So, as small business ideas in Sri Lanka you might start the above businesses by low budget.

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