Tunisia Foreign Company Registration

Tunisia Foreign Company Registration

Tunisia belongs to Northern Africa. It’s a country that borders the Mediterranean Sea and is located between Libya and Algeria. Agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and tourism are its primary sector behind its economic development. The stable political condition and ease of doing business in Tunisia attract lots of foreign investors. There are various types of business structure available for foreigners in Tunisia. Some of the business structure are:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Branch office

Limited Liability Company

Though, there are lots of business structure available in Tunisia, but most of the foreigners prefer to set up a limited liability company. These are the basic requirement and features for setting up business in Tunisia—

  • Company must have at least 2 shareholders.
  • Shareholders of the company can be of any nationality.
  • Company shareholder must be at least 18 years of old.
  • Registered office address in Tunisia.
  • Appointing a statutory auditor (if the total assets of company is over $55000)
  • Minimum paid up capital is $500 for company that are not planning to do commercial trade.

Public Limited Company

Foreigner can also setup a public limited company in Tunisia. The maximum lifetime of a public limited company is 99 years. However, to setup a limited liability company required at least 7 shareholders. However, the one quarter of the total shares must be paid to the necessary government body during company incorporation. The other requirements for incorporation of a public limited company requires—

  • At lest 3 directors and 7 shareholders.
  • Minimum paid up capital of USD $3000.
  • Appointment of an auditors for at least 3 years for checking the company account.
  • Tunisia citizen should hold minimum 51% shares and other 49% can be hold by foreigners.

Branch Office or Representative Office

According to the Tunisia Companies Law, foreigner to setup a branch office in Tunisia. These are basic requirements that must be full field to register a branch office in Tunisia—

  • At least one company directors (can be of any nationality)
  • Must be registered with the Tunisia Trade Registry.
  • Minimum paid up capital of TBT 1000
  • Registered office address.

Documents Requirement for Company Incorporation in Tunisia

  • Approved company name registration certificate
  • Registered copies of Article of Association (at least 10 copies) 
  • Printed signature form of company registration.
  • At lest 4 copies of passport of the shareholders.
  • Copy of certificate of ownership of the premises.
  • Receipt of bank account opening copies.
  • APII declaration copies.

Advantage of Doing Business in Tunisia

Despite the political instability and unfold tragedy of terrorist attack, Tunisia economic is steadily growing since 2011. However, there are lots of advantage of doing business in Tunisia, some of the advantage are—

  • Tunisia currently ranks 74 among 189 economics in terms of ease of doing business.
  • Availability of educated workforce.
  • Affordable corporate tax rates. The Tunisia government reduce the tax from 30 percent to 25 percent.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Q: How much it cost to register a company in Tunisia?

  • The cost of register a company depends on the type of company you want to setup in Tunisia.

Q: How many shareholders it requires to register a public limited company in Tunisia?

  • It requires minimum 7 shareholders to register a public limited company.

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