Virtual office rent Vietnam

Virtual Office Rent Vietnam

Everything in this world is fast becoming digitized. We spend so much of our time wrapped in technology and the internet that we are more present in the virtual world than we are in the real world. While some may see this as a problem, there are countless benefits to this virtual impact, one of them being the virtual rent office. It has become a widely used concept in all parts of the world as well as in Vietnam. The virtual rent office basically allows you to conduct a business without the need for having a physical office address.

With Vietnam fast becoming a great place for foreign investors and international companies, here are some of the best reasons why choosing virtual rent office would be better for everyone.

Home Office– We know that the number of small sized businesses in Vietnam are in great number and most of them prefer to operate from their homes. The virtual office rent will allow such businesses to have a physical address without having the need to rent out an office. They also provide you with the phone call and answering services so there is no need to hire an additional secretary for such work.  This basically allows these businesses to operate smoothly from the comforts of their homes but not miss out on the office like features. Virtual rent offices are greatly beneficial for home-based businesses such as bakeries, handmade arts and crafts, home cooked meals services and so on.

Adding legitimacy– Before the concept of virtual rent offices was so popular, businesses would not take other businesses that were based on homes, simply because it did not seem formal enough. However, thanks to virtual rent offices, you can now add legitimacy to your business. It allows you to have a physical address and one that isn’t exactly your home. Besides, for a foreign investor, this may seem like the best way to move forward in Vietnam. Simply because registering your business and getting an office lease takes around 110 days on average. This means without virtual rent office, one would have to sit idle and lose out on daily business during the period of registration.

Eco-friendly–  All corporate companies area now being charged what one would call the environment taxes. While this is great news in general, people who are starting their new businesses in Vietnam don’t really need this extra burden of tax on their minds at the very beginning of their venture. By shifting to virtual office rent, these companies can now become eco-friendly. The nature of these offices is such that they don’t require employees to come to work. They can carry out their duties from home and submit it to an online portal. No air pollution is created by all the employees driving to work every morning and then returning back home. This can be used as a strong case to get an exemption from environment taxes.

No more commuting– As we already know Vietnam is one of those countries which are densely populated. The traffic conditions are horrible with a large volume of vehicles blocking out roads on a regular basis. Moving to and from work every day can be a big hassle and kills a lot of time. With the help of virtual rent offices, this problem can easily be avoided. Employees will no longer have to waste hours stuck in traffic. Rather they can use that time to be more productive in their work and can have extra hours after work to relax and enjoy. Besides, if the employees are happy and stress-free the business is likely to do wonders.

Save Money– As a potential investor in Vietnam, you would be looking for opportunities to save money but at the same time want success for your business. Virtual rent offices allow you to save a fair amount of money by letting your employees work from home in a more office virtual set up. More often than not, employers will have to create a transportation budget which includes bus fares, petrol costs, train tickets and other things. Sometimes there is the professional attire such as suits, business accessories that need to be paid for employees too. All these costs are cut out when working in a virtual office because the employees don’t need to make physical appearances in the office. But the biggest way it saves money is that employers don’t have to pay for office rents or leases which take a big chunk of the monthly budget.

No need for relocation– The best way to do business in Vietnam is to start small. Once the business does well, you can upgrade your offices and production and so on. However, upgrading means taking on newer employees for which new offices need to be rented out. This can prove to be costly and a big hassle. With the virtual rent office, upgrading is very easy. You can hire as many as employees one need without having to relocate to a newer office.

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