Virtual office in Australia

Virtual office in Australia

Rent virtual office in Australia

Business world and the Virtual office: Planning a business of your own! Considering cost minimization and smart location employer decide to rent virtual office in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne. Apart from costs, times and formalities in connection with the licensing or registration, an office is necessitated first to work from. No doubt, you opt for locating your office in a business center or in a posh commercial district that would facilitate all sorts of transportation to and from your office and would create a positive image of your company in the minds of your visitors and clientele. You may even in a mood of expansion and thinking of maintaining a presence of your business in an overseas city. The costs of space coupled with the costs of office equipment and the costs of furniture & fixtures would cause rising of your eye-brows, scratching your head and force you with restless hours in calculations.

And here, something to let you stay calm and relaxed, the very virtual office, to seek refuge in. The virtual office is one out of the womb of necessity. The ever rising costs of real states and so are the Costs of rents are behind the concept of virtual office. The office of the digital age. The office in the cyber space, substituting the physical space. The operational domain of a business or organization without any physical existence creates an environment that offered and engineered to access through Web or cloud based communication technologies.

What it offers

The virtual office in Australia, so to say, covers most of the important services a modern business can offer - an address in a prime location of a city, reception services, call answering services, document & mail handling jobs, video conferencing etc. The services of virtual office naturally provide an address package, an address, mail forwarding services, local phone, reception, meeting room and desk rent/ workstation for small group.

Virtual office service packages include different services to cater the demands of different situations. Even the live reception services can also be accommodated in the virtual office. Additional services can be had by buying service packages or in exchange for additional costs. Some outsourced services like corporate secretarial, accounting and legal services on demand in exchange for additional charges are also offered by the Virtual office service providers.

Why rent virtual office space in Australia

Well, it won’t be a prudent idea obviously to discuss business with your clients in your home. Moreover, you may not want to meet your business acquaintances or clients frequently. Besides, you may need to open networks in a busy and prime location in your city or in cities abroad. In this case, the best option is to have an office without the usual costs of an office. This is where virtual office system comes to you rescuing you.

It’s the handy but potent option for the small entrepreneurs. It gives the impression of an office in an up-street at a cost far less than a physical space would cost. Then it’s really paying for those who don’t require a full-time office but still requiring an address or space to maintain the presence of the business. In case you're going to start a new home based venture you would try for virtual office system.

The prospects of Virtual Office in Australia

The Living costs in Australia are very high. Affording a living in major cities of the territory is to share almost 30% of monthly income as far as rent is concerned. Australian major cities are among the tops in the cost of living index.

Expatiation's Cost of living index for Oceania & Australia

Cities / Countries Points Oceania World
Sydney 217 1st 14th
Perth 198 2nd 21st
Melbourne 195 3rd 27th
Brisbane 195 4th 28th
Canberra 179 7th 42nd
Adelaide 172 8th 54th

Demand for office space across major Australian cities is on the rise owing to the expansion of existing business and to cope with healthier inflows of new investments the country has been experiencing. During 2016 the demands for office spaces increased to nearly 518,000 square meters. The boom represents a 33 per cent increase on the total demand experienced in the Q4 of 2015. The per square meter rent in Sydney is around 900 dollars, in Perth around 1000 dollars, in Melbourne around 700 dollars, in Brisbane it is around 850 dollars. The mining resources and the industries located there are responsible for rent hikes. But amongst the big top cities, Sydney remains costlier in terms of hike in rental cost. As per JLL Global Office Index 2016 Q4, Sydney is on top of the world cities in rental growth posting a 22.5% rise in rents. That being so, to maintain a physical office is a mammoth task, especially for small and medium scale enterprises. In view of the rentals costs as above, an average office would cost monthly around 3000 dollars in addition to the bills for phone-fax-utilities around 1500 dollars monthly, other than costs of equipment, furniture & fixtures and payroll.

The cost of Virtual office 

The costs of virtual offices vary with locations services bought. There are various service packages starting from mail receiving and forwarding to conferencing. There are virtual offices on weekly basis starting from $15 to $60 per week depending on the location and service pack. Monthly offices starting from as low as $150 to as high as $1300 based upon location and services. As to locations, offices in CBDs [Central Business Districts] cost comparatively more than the rests.

The invention and development of the internet and cloud computing technology opened up a new horizon for the small businesses and start-ups freeing oneself from hassles of leasing and maintaining a physical office and the ultimate requirement of capital as well. With a virtual office in Australia, you are in a position to use the mailing address, have your correspondences opened and forwarded, make the use of meeting and boardrooms in addition to having your phone calls answered and forwarded.

Very low cost, fees for virtual office rent in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney for the foreign companies. Our other services are: (1) foreign company registration in Australia (2) income tax (3) accounting (4) business advisory

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