Since 2012, S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED, delivering accounting services to the global customers. Our expert team members cooperate to prepare to account upon supporting documents, invoice, bank statement and so on. B/S, Profit/ Loss, Ledger, Journal, directors, profile, notes are prepared for draft accounting. The accounting services deal with recording, the analysis of the financial transactions of a business etc. The fees that are charged for the accounting services are not in any case taxed.

The accounting service firms provide the range of services which includes Bookkeeping Services, Accounting Staff Placement, Accounting Outsourced. Bank Reconsideration, Profit and Loss Accounts, Ledger and journal. The various small businesses tend to be attracted by the various projects that deal with savings. Such savings can now be used to run business core activity.  It can now help the various participants to manage the basic things done in business. However, this article will all the accounting aspects that your need to know, including advantage and disadvantage of using accounting software. More over it will provide valuable conclusion based on accounting service.

Book Keeping Service

Our bookkeeping services includes recording, storing and retrieving of financial transactions of a business, individual or non-profit organization. Our bookkeeping service is done by using accounting software. It will make sure that you are able to access the software and any other reports that you want. Moreover, we also mail full set accounts to the client, so that they can review balance sheet and income statement.

Bank Reconsideration

Due to effective nature of the customers, the majority will prefer to go for the back reconsideration. It helps in showing if there is acceptance of the credit application or rather rejection on the same face value. It is easy to have the given rejection quite overturned. This is made possible with the bank reconsideration. Each given reconsideration firm will now show you some progress that you require to move on. The case that will be prepared well can now be reconsidered upon doing the application. Everything is now made possible by the use of the bank reconsideration.

Profit and Loss Accounts

It involves the process, which normally ascertain the annual net profit as well as the loss for a given business. The Gross net is usually made possible with the use of the trading account. It is then considered to be working well due to the profit as well as the loss account. You can find the preparation of the profit also loss account present in the trial balance. In this case, mostly the indirect expenses as well as the indirect revenue seems to work all through. The balancing is done based on the nature of the business that is going to be done.

Ledger and journal

Ledger and journal

The journal deals with the keeping of the transactions made to show how the specific accounts are affected through the transactions. You can record the series of the sales made. You can then use them to find out the incomes you might have generated in that given month. This is the easy way upon which you are going to generate some business. Every item is located in the journal so that you can easily succeed to define the success of all are working on.

The cases of the monthly reporting of the business you do will rely on the ledger. The ledger normally takes the various entries that define how the transactions made by at the journal level will tally and if they affect a given account. It normally shows the monthly expenses that you incur. You will now have to find a way you are going to have the various expectations met.

Advantage and disadvantage of Accounting Software

Accounting is one of the important functions for all types of business. The accounting software manages various type of function, which includes-invoicing, paying wages, managing payments, balance sheet, profit and loss account. Most of the business are moving on computerized and web-based accounting software. The table below shows the advantage and disadvantage of using accounting software.

Advantage Disadvantage
Speed-account planning procedure become faster. The report or statement can be generated on couple clicks. Expense-its expensive to build or develop software. Yearly update cost more.
Up to date Information-the account isautomatically update whenever any information is stored. Security and Performance- some of the computerized accounting system is unsecure.
Data entry is simple- It is quite fast, thus straightforward and it saves time. Training-For efficient use of software employee needs to train up, which cost extra money
Reduction of the errors- Like in the case of the transportation of the various figures, the cases of the incorrect and the incomplete recording various transactions Implementation- Manual registries are easy to configure and can be more adaptable than computed accounting software.


In conclusion, it is good to note on the outcomes you will receive by the accounting services. You will require the accounting services to grant you some good bookkeeping services. The accounting service is very useful for any business or any person for easy monitoring or tracking of the business. If you want to merge your business process it is essential to use good accounting service. However, the accounting service is very essential for business management. It is also good if you can implement and use accounting software in your business environment. By using the accounting software can be used for preparing the ledgers as well as the bookkeeping services. The accounting software is very easy to use and. This will help you to improve in your business.


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