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Global  Foreign Company Registration Consultant

S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED is a global foreign company registration, formation, incorporation or business set up consultancy  firm & professional legal partner of the foreign Investors. We cooperate our clients to establishment their company in multiple countries of Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Canada & Australia by our professional global team members as law and rules of the respective country. SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN. BHD. a private limited company of Malaysia and sister concern of S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED has been incorporated to facilitate better service for the foreign investors who are planning to incorporate/ setup company in Malaysia.

How to start a business?

We assist how to start a business in foreign country and following services are provided:

Services area:

  • Foreign Company Formation, Registration, Business Incorporation (Private & Public company), 100 % foreign share, Joint Venture (merger, accusation), Branch or Liaison office open and offshore company open.
  • Guide to apply of export, import license, factory permission, business license in any country.
  • Income Tax and financial advisory.
  • Prepare accounts and audit (Audit- B/S, P/L, Income Statement ).
  • Company secretarial and virtual office service.

Why the foreign investors contact us ?

  • We can set up your business by lower cost/ fees;
  • We can assist to register, formation your business in multiple countries as law and rules of the states;
  • We have directly appointed local representative or attorney or engaged with service partners or law firms of the respective countries to cooperate you;
  • We are giving guarantee against your payment;
  • Our professional flavor is different than others;
  • Our global customers speak up for our service and recommend;
  • Some special services are FREE for the investors which helps to minimize the cost;

Foreign Direct Investment Consultancy Firm

Nonresident investors look for the countries where business can be setup according to law of the state.  We do analysis on investment rules, legal issue, facilities of free zone area, big industry establishment, export and import rules, banking policy, rent or lease land, low tax, remit of profit part etc for each respective countries to help the entrepreneur taking proper decision of trading as overseas promoters.

Managing Director of S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED

Md. Forhad Hossain, Managing Director of the company is committed  to satisfy the international clients by professional services. He is a business graduate in MBA as well as graduate in LL.B & LL.M from recognized university. He holds position as Managing Director from inception of  S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED. Besides, he holds position of founder President  of a non-profit public organization and involves in social works.

Secure transfer of payment

Our organization ensure  the payment of the customers IF the money is sent/ transferred with our knowledge in proper way to our entity or our persons who has been authorized by the company ONLY to receive.

Investors are requested to talk with our Managing Director directly or take consent before transfer/ remit/ send your money to us if any said services are enjoyed. No money shall be deemed to be received or guaranteed by us if it is sent without our knowledge. Your will be sent acknowledgement (with money receipt form of S & F) by short time after confirmation of receiving the money.

Transfer payment : We receive your payment through bank, Standard Chartered Bank or schedule bank or Western Union.

Company registration service provider

Now a day businessmen like to expand business into overseas. Foreign company registration process vary country to country. We guide them to register business within legal frame of particular country by our local partners. Our clients speak up and recommend us with satisfaction. Some times company secretary, attorney or license person are the authorized to apply for company registration on behalf of applicant. We have same person where you are locating your business to be registered. There may other services are required after company registration are annual return submission, arrange Annual General Meeting (AGM), some times changes of share holding position, apply for business listing in share market, compliance issue from company registrar office and many more activities are need those are solved by our professional person.

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