Business Advisory

Business Advisory

A business advisor is a profession or service who focus on different types of strategy and implement it for the success and growth of the business. Business advisors provide expert advice in a particular area of business — for example, management, law, human resource, marketing, finance, etc.

However, you might know the necessary information about setting up a business over internet. But there are many important factors which are not available on the internet. So, it is essential to meet and discuss with advisor.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) law is not the same as local investment law. So, never mix it up when you read over the internet about the investment policy as a foreigner.

For example (Malaysia): the local citizen of the country can start a business just by obtaining 1 to 2 licenses. Let’s say they need $100 for a business license. On the other hand, a foreigner needs $100000 for the same license. Different country has different FDI rule, and the invested capital is also different for local and foreigners.

Foreign company business tax is always higher than local company. The tax is higher for the international company because of FDI rules. However, if your business is situated inside the tax-free zone, you may enjoy 100% deduction or partially (depends on the condition). Opening a bank account is easier for local investors, but in the case of foreign investors, it’s complicated.

Additional ministry approval might require considering the nature of the business. So, the business advisory is necessary before and after the business setup.

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