HRDF stand for Human Resource Development Fund and is managed by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad company which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry Of Human Resource Malaysia and was established back in 1993. This was done on a careful fulfillment of the Human Resource Development Act 1992 Malaysia. Its actually a pool of funds Read More

Why signboard license is need and how much is the cost? Signboard and Premise license are need for all types of businesses in Malaysia. Signboard is the name plate of business and is called identity card. Business format Signboard License Premise License Proprietorship Yes Yes Partnership Yes Yes Private Limited Yes Yes Public Limited Yes Read More

Malaysia is a perfect place for starting and doing online business, especially if you are bored about nine to the five-day job and every day you are doing something that you are interested. There is lots of online business opportunity in Malaysia and with online you may have the opportunity to work from home and Read More

Malaysia is one of the major business hubs in Southeast Asia and the country got the liberal market system, a strong economic outlook, and strong infrastructure among the neighboring countries. So, it is very hard to resist the temptation of not to begin a business in the country. Therefore, in this article, we are going Read More

Before you invest, it is advisable to select an investment that works for you. Foreign investment has been oscillating between $9 billion since the year 2010. This makes Malaysia the highest FDI recipients in the region. So, if you have lots of money lying in the bank in your savings account, think about investing in Read More