Marriage is a life changing moment where a person is ready to enter a new phase of life. In some countries dowry is main part of the wedding system. Thailand as a unique traditional way of conducting wedding and dowry is an important system of conducting a wedding procedure. This system as been there for Read More

Thailand is a beautiful country. It is a great country where people all around the world would love to visit the country. It has a big landscape of beaches and other greenery landscapes in Thailand. People would also like to visit the capital of Thailand, which is Bangkok, where a various number of people around Read More

As 2019, we have noticed, around more than 200 companies are registered in daily basis. As Malaysia register company process, there is 1 shareholder need, at least 50 at most. Foreigners are recommended to register company as Sdn Bhd as sole proprietorship is not allowed. The process will take no longer than 5 days to Read More

You don’t need to be an American citizen to open a business in the USA. Anyone can set up a business/company in the USA, but registering a business as a foreigner is a bit harder compared to USA citizen. As a foreigner, you need to go through several procedures than USA citizen and need to Read More

South Africa is the second largest economy situated in the area of the Indian Ocean. The country ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank. Yet poverty is still a huge problem in South Africa. It’s causing serious problems like unemployment, illiteracy, hunger, inadequate electricity and so on. South Africa has some finest Read More