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company registration Sri Lanka

Company Registration Sri Lanka

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Company registration Sri Lanka

The following are required for company registration Sri Lanka: (1) registered office, physical office (2) appoint right consultant (3) capital Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 120,000 (4) US$ 1 million for retail business. As it continues to progress forward economically, Sri Lanka is fast becoming of keen interest to investors both local and foreign. Among the reasons why Sri Lanka is a potential option for foreign company registration is because English is a widely spoken language in the country, used for business dealings which make it very easy for international entrepreneurs to conduct their business dealings without the worry of miscommunication and misunderstandings occurring.

Sri Lanka’s growing economy has already gathered quite a base of international business which have established themselves in this region. Another contributing factor as to why the country is a hot spot for foreign company registration is because the World Bank has given Sri Lanka a high rating when it comes to the ease of doing business, which as a potential investor, is something that you definitely want to hear when you’re looking for a reason to establish a business.

Sri Lanka also has one of the fastest growing economies in the ASEAN region. With more and more investments projected to come in over the next few years, Sri Lanka is well poised to continue to grow steadily economically.

Foreign Company Registration Process in Sri Lanka

When it comes to registering a private limited company in Sri Lanka, there is good news to be had for foreign investors – it only takes approximately two weeks for a company to be registered and ready to run as a full-fledged business! All that is requires is that the company has a minimum of two shareholders and one director.

The shareholder and director can be of any nationality which bodes well for investors as they do not have to deal with the hassle of finding a local candidate to fit the roles, especially of they do not have any reliable contacts or connections. The roles of a shareholder and director are to be taken seriously in a company and as an investor, you would want to look for someone who is dependable, trustworthy and is reliable enough to entrust a business to.

The private limited foreign company registration Sri Lanka can be done with the assistance of professional service agencies that specialize in company set ups and incorporation. This would be beneficial to the investor because it would mean that their company can be set up even if they may not be physically present in the country at the time the registration process is taking place.

What the process of company registration Sri Lanka Involves

To register a private limited company in Sri Lanka, an investor would have to go through the following formalities:

  • Ensure that the company name reserved for use is a unique one – A name that an investor is going to choose for their company should be a unique a original one that the mass market will easily be able to relate to. The search for a unique company name is relatively easy and can be done online. Investors can access the website of the Department of the Registrar of Companies to ascertain if their company name has already been taken or is available for use. The selected and approved company name will be reserved for three months.
  • Ensure that the Company Secretary and Director sign a consent document – It is imperative that a Company Secretary is hired before the company incorporation is finalized. Once a suitable candidate has been identified, they will be required to sign a consent form which states that they are in fact the Company Secretary for the newly formed company. The Company Director will also be required to sign a consent form. The fees for this procedure would vary depending on the firm in question, but the fees are generally as a rule based on a quarterly retainer system. The charges could range anywhere from USD$100 – 150 for private companies, but some companies may charge more.
  • Get the company registered –All companies will be required to be registered at the Registrar of Companies. The documents which are require for submission under this process include Form 1 (Registration of a Company), Form 18 (Consent and certificate of a director), two copies of the Articles of Association and Form 19 (Consent and certificate of the company secretary). For this procedure, the Registrar of Companies impose a flat rate of LKR15,000 for Form 1, and LKR 1,000 for Forms 18, 19, and the Articles of Association.
  • Notify the public of the incorporation – Once the company has been incorporation, the investors would need to give the public notice within 60 days of the company’s incorporation.
  • Get the company registered with the tax authorities – This procedure is to obtain the Tax Identification Number for the business. This can be acquired from the Taxpayer Services Unit of the Inland Revenue Department.
  • Get the company registered for VAT – This procedure is done at the Inland Revenue Department. To complete this process, the investors would need to submit documentation which shows proof that the business has a turnover rate of LKR 3,750,000 per quarter or LKR 15,000, 000 per year.

Question: How long takes to get full approval of company formation?

Ans: It takes 10-15 days in total to complete formation process in Sri Lanka.

Question: Which one need at first to register a company?

Ans: Registered office of your business because of news paper advertisement all detail of company.

Question: How much capital id required to register pvt. Ltd. Company?

Ans: Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 120,000, depend of business category and to start retail business US$ 1 million is required to show as capital.

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Company formation service partnership in Mauritius

Company formation service partnership in Mauritius

<img src="Image/Mauritius.jpg" alt="S & F Consulting Firm Limited and ABC Global Management Services Ltd"/>
Company formation service partnership in Mauritius

Partnership agreement has been signed dated on 28 November, 2016 between S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED and its sister concern SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN BHD and ABC Global Management Services Ltd, Mauritius. Both companies agreed mutually to develop customer services for the international investors who plan to setup business in Mauritius. Foreign investors look for professional person or firm who can guide as foreign investment law of the country to incorporate business in Mauritius. Later on, investors ask for tax service, accounts, audit, secretarial and financial advisory. Management of “S & F” and “ABC Management” determine to meet clients need perfectly by their processional experts.

S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED, is a global foreign company formation, tax, secretarial, accounts, audit and financial advisory firm whereas ABC Global Management Services Limited is a local expert of the said services. It has been taken initiative to ensure hassle free bank account opening for the foreign investors. Besides, all other services shall be completed successfully within time frame and by reasonable price. Small, medium and big entrepreneur can consider Mauritius as a suitable place of investment generating revenue within short time.

It’s a suitable place to make connection between Europe and Africa. Foreign entrepreneurs like to invest in free zone area to enjoy tax rebate in Mauritius. Some investment sectors are remarkable such as real estate, garments, power, agro, ICT, finance department and others.  Foreign direct investment amount US$ 208,290, 139 as report of last year, 2015, Average population 1.263 million, GDP US$ 11.52 billion.

Detail of company incorporation information




Standard Chartered Tower, Cyber City, Ebene, Mauritius

Email: contact@sfconsultingbd.com

Virtual office Malaysia

Virtual office Malaysia

<img src="Virtual-office-pj2.jpg" alt="virtual office Malaysia"/>
Virtual office Malaysia

Virtual office Malaysia is smart choice as foreign investors. Having address is a condition to register new company, sdn bhd in Malaysia. Average virtual office rental Malaysia price is RM 2000-3500 for 500 sft, price vary upon location and decoration. Whereas virtual office in Malaysia (cheapest virtual office) rent price is RM 120, 180, 330 as cheap. Foreign investors can save money and time to choice our plan. Investors who comes to register a private limited company in Malaysia they do not live there. Staffs are hired or, someone is assigned to look after the business in case of small and medium businesses. Big investors do not like always virtual office rental Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because they like to rent full furnished office by any price and appoint multiple number of staffs. But sometimes in case of branch office opening, virtual office Malaysia is preferred. It’s smart and cheap price and reasonable for the small and medium enterprises to rent virtual office in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Virtual office rental Malaysia

Why choice virtual office rental Malaysia? Let, your company has been incorporated and bank account has been opened also. Now, as foreign investors you like to operate business sitting your parent country. Who will receive the documents on behalf of your company in Malaysia? You have no address of your company. Nobody can contact you in Malaysia. In that case, we are responsible to care your business. An address will be given to be used and local number will be given to be used too. Our reception will receive your documents and clients calls and will be forwarded you if your clients or business persons are contacted. You can refer your client to meet at your office, work place address, to business discussion with them. You will have an address of your company to be used internationally. You can have meeting in our meeting room with clients or parties. I hope our virtual office rental Malaysia is cheaper than others.

Small office for rent in Malaysia

Besides, small number of staffs can be sited together in our office, physical office rent plan by RM 1400, 1600, 1800, 2100/ month.  Small office for rent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is costly too and burden for the small and medium investors. Monthly office rent cost as well as advance security cost shall have to bear if physical office is rented. So, you can choice our plan, virtual small office for rent in Malaysia, to minimize your cost.

Thousands companies are registered per month in Malaysia and most of them are small and medium investors. One reason to setup business in Malaysia is to introduce them with the world and convenient for the clients. Living cost, staff remuneration, office cost and other cost are reasonable than Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand. Politically it’s sound and almost corruption free country and present economy is higher than many Asian countries. Many multinational company’s offices are located in Malaysia. Investors can plan to apply for 2nd home program in Malaysia also. Foreign investors plan to setup business in Malaysia considering entire matter and grab virtual office rental in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Virtual office price in Malaysia

Description Package Silver (RM 120/ month) Package Gold  (RM 180/ month) Package Platinum (RM 330/ month)
Company address
Mails, Parcel receive
SMS or email notification
Local & Int. mail receive & forward
Reception check
Local phone number use
Phone answering and on warding
Physical Space Capacity Rates
Standard 1 person RM 1400/ month
Deluxe 2 persons RM 1600/ month
Executive 3 persons RM 1800/ month
VIP 4 persons RM 2100/ month
<img src="virtual-office-in-malaysia.jpg" alt="Virtual office in Malaysia"/>
Virtual office in Malaysia
Decorated office room
Speedy WiFi
Conference Room
Access card
Coffee, Tea, Drinking Water supply
SMS or email notification
Local or int. call on warding
Reception service
Local phone number use
Phone answer, forward

Necessary information to setup business in Malaysia: Company incorporation, appoint company secretary, rent an office, open bank account, remit paid up capital, appoint local man power or assign person to rent virtual office.

What is the disadvantage to rent physical office?

It is hassle to find physical office for rent in Malaysia, within desirable area. Let, desirable office is found but rental cost is higher than expectation.  Office decoration, security advance deposit, furniture purchase, utility bills bear, WiFi expenses and miscellaneous cost have to bear by the tenant.

What is advantage of virtual office in Malaysia?

It is ready office to be seated for the staff (s). No need to tense about furniture, utility bills, furniture purchase, WiFi bills and receptionist hire. Not only that but cost is very low also.

Our services: Company formation, company secretarial, taxation, accounts, audit, financial advisory and virtual office rental Malaysia.

Virtual Office Singapore

Virtual Office Singapore

<img src="virtual_office_singapore.jpg" alt="Virtual Office in Singapore"/>
Virtual Office Singapore

Our service help out foreign sponsors or entrepreneurs renting virtual office Singapore, virtual office in Singapore, virtual office in Singapore, seeking for small office, low budget office in commercial place in Singapore. As law of Singapore all corporations shall have office address. Office in residence building is not allowed. We are providing small office rental service by very low price, virtual office rental in Singapore and physical office in Singapore by little bit higher budget.

It is noticeable that many foreign ownership company share holders or directors do not present physically in Singapore and look after business from staying parent country by appointing local man power. Some different cases are small office is sufficient for them to carry on business. In that case they prefer small office/ virtual office Singapore in commercial building within main business area. Some of them do not necessary physical office but an office address is sufficient for communication and frequent meeting with customers. Our plan and services are available for the same who does not require physical office and may necessary small physical office to have meeting and small sitting arrangement for small number of staffs.

Singapore is such an expensive country where nothing is free but costly. People of Singapore are much busy to work and high time value. Lots of foreign company’s branch office and Head Quarter are situated in Singapore as communication hub of Asia. Entrepreneurs’ choice to sit in Singapore considering some attractive sight those are political environment, transparency of administration, corruption free, economic position and many more.

 Description  Package Silver  (S$ 10)  Package Gold (S$ 20)  Package Platinum (S$ 40)
Use company address            √
Mail receive & parcel service
SMS or email service notification   √
Reception service   √
Local & International mail forwarding
Local phone service
Phone answer service

Note: We consider to accept special request from our customers, if any.

Physical Office rent in Singapore

Physical Room Capacity Rate (S$, Singapore Dollar)
Standard size 1 person 420
Deluxe size 2 persons 840
Executive size 3 persons 1260
VIP size 4 persons 1680


Physical office rent facilities in Singapore

Fully furnished ready office
Meeting room available
Access card
Reception service
Local phone calling
Call answer and forward
Drinking water supply

Note: We consider special request from customers to be accepted, if any.

Our offers are so eye-catching and very low budget that can cooperative as foreign investors to maintain an office in Singapore.  Entrepreneurs can stay in parent country and carry on business in Singapore enjoying our service. We, virtual office Singapore, are accountable to take delivery of any credentials, message conveying to the clients or promoters, call receiving, email receiving and answering calls, request receiving of order etc.

Additional services are company registration, incorporation, formation services in Singapore; cooperate for opening bank account, entre pass, dependent visa, nominee directorship, foreign investment guide line, accounts service, audit service, corporate tax service, annual return submission service for the corporations and secretarial service.

Incorporation of company Malaysia

Incorporation of company Malaysia

<img src="Image/Malaysia_SDNBHD.png" alt="Incorporation of company Malaysia"/>
Incorporation of company Malaysia

Process of incorporation of company Malaysia is not complicated by easier if it is done in right way. Incorporation of Company in Malaysia as SDN BHD, private limited company, is most of the investor’s preferable one. There are two share holders minimum requirement of incorporation of company. Some other places can be found additional two local directors needful as government policy is not correct. Incorporation of company as SDN BHD, private limited in Malaysia can be formed without local partners. In that case, how to do it will be guided when we shall be contacted? Fees of incorporation of company Malaysia is lower, start from RM 5000 to RM 15000. Small enterprises for incorporation of company in Malaysia are RM 5000 only including government and our consultation fees.

Registration of company Malaysia

RM 500,000 is needful for registration of company Malaysia as foreign investors but RM 2 is allowed also as lowest number. You may have questioned whether office is needful or not? Yes, office is needful for the medium and large companies but not necessary always. Small companies can skip to rent a physical office. Virtual office can be alternate way of renting an office in Malaysia. Registration of company in Malaysia may need 3 to 7 days if fully efforts are given and documents are delivered us on time after signing by the directors/ share holders.

How to incorporate a company in Malaysia

Promoters/ share holders shall give us their passport copy and put signature on prescribe forms those will be given them.  Appointing company secretary for each company is mandatory as law. All formalities of incorporating a company in Malaysia shall be done by company secretary.

As part of incorporation of company in Malaysia investors may need to have business visa/ investor visa or work permit to open company bank account. Obtaining business/ investor visa remittance of RM 500,000 have to make sure to Malaysia from mother country. Not only for opening bank account but other facilities also be enjoyed if remittance RM 500000 is ensured. You can apply for MM2H program (Malaysia my second home).

Exception of some export/import business most of business is allowed to startup. What licensing may need to startup new company? 1. Company Incorporation from SSM 2. Halal License 3. Export / import license 4. Manufacture license 5. Industry setup license from concern department 6. Immigration clearance.

Company incorporation certificate from SSM is sufficient for incorporation of company Malaysia for small/ medium business.

Min. Partners 2 (two)
Min. Capital RM 2 to RM 500,000
Required papers Passport
Required license Company Incorporation
Time line 3 to 7  days
Business office Not necessary
Local partner Not necessary
Business/ investor visa Not necessary

Virtual Office Dhaka

Virtual Office Dhaka

<img src="Image/virtual_office_bangladesh.jpg" alt="Virtual office Dhaka, Bangladesh"/>
Virtual office Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our service helps foreign investors to rent virtual office Dhaka, virtual office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, virtual office in Bangladesh, looking for small office, low cost office in commercial place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As law of Bangladesh all companies shall have trade license to start a business and without office in commercial building/ space no trade license is issued from government. So, office should be in commercial place to start a business in Bangladesh. We are providing very low price virtual office Dhaka and physical office in commercial building at Dhaka.

We have noticed that most of the foreign company owners do not sit in Bangladesh but look after business from outside by appointing local man power. They prefer small office/ virtual office Dhaka in commercial place. Some of them do not need physical office but an address is sufficient for communication. Our plan and service are available for the same who do not need physical office and may need small physical office to have meeting and sitting place for small number of staffs.

 Description  Package Silver (Taka 1000)  Package Gold (Taka 2000)  Package Platinum (Taka 3000)
Use business address            √

Mail receive & Parcel

SMS or email notification


Reception service


Local & International mail forwarding

Local phone use

Phone answer


Physical small office rent in Dhaka

Physical Room Capacity Rate (Taka)
Standard size 1 person 5000
Deluxe size 2 persons 8000
Executive size 3 persons 12000
VIP size 4 persons 16000


Physical office rent facilities in Dhaka

Fully furnished office

Meeting Room

Access card


Local phone calling

Call answer and forward


Drinking water supply


Our offers are attractive and very low price that can helpful the foreign investors to maintain an office in Dhaka.  Promoters can stay in mother country and carry on business in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We, virtual office Dhaka, are responsible to receive any documents, message conveying to the clients or promoters, call receiving, email receiving and answering.

Additional services are company registration/ incorporation/ formation, TIN (Tax certificate), BOI approval, arrange trade license, environment certificate, any permission from ministry, fire license, building plan, export/ import license, work permit & investors visa & set up big industry in Bangladesh.

Email: contact@sfconsultingbd.com

Phone: +8801790220728 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

How to register a company in Bangladesh as foreigner

How to register a company in Bangladesh As Foreigner

Do you know how to register a company in Bangladesh as foreigner? Foreign entrepreneurs like to invest in the following

  • Garments, textile, buying house, IT, general trading, food, project,

  • Medical, transport, roads and high way and many more. Ins and outs of registration presses are discussed:

<img src="Image/bd_howto.png" alt="How to register a company in Bangladesh"/>
How to register a company in Bangladesh

How to register a company in Bangladesh?

What are required papers to incorporate a new company in Bangladesh?

  • MoA, AoA, Form XII, Form IX, form VI, form I

What are required papers to get TIN (Tax identification number)?

  • Passport, photo, address and local contact number

How to get a trade license in Bangladesh?

  • Apply to City Corporation with supporting papers of MoA & AoA, rental agreement,
  • TIN, passport, photo, Board meeting minutes and government and official extra fees.

 How to get VAT license in Bangladesh?

  • Apply to the nearest seasonal office with supporting papers of original application form,
  • Photo, bank solvency certificate, trade license, MoA , AoA & agreement of rental.

How to open a bank account as foreigner in Bangladesh?

  • Fill up bank account opening form, attach passport copies, photos, rental agreement copy, TIN and contact number.

How to obtain Import and export license in Bangladesh?

Complete submission formalities to government office with supporting papers:

  • Membership from Chamber of commerce, bank solvency certificate,
  • Undertaking, rental deed, passport, trade license, pay government, photo and official extra fees.

How to obtain fire license?

  • Fire license is a one of major permission to require of starting new business in Bangladesh.
  • Required papers are MoA, AoA, trade license, man power list, instrument list, government fees
  • With official other expenses, building plan copy and passport.

How to obtain factory license in Bangladesh?

  • Apply to labor department of government of Bangladesh with supporting papers as fire license, building plan copy,
  • passport, trade license, man power list, instrument / machinery purchase list, MoA and AoA.
  • Government fees and other official extra charges are required.

How to get garments / textile business license?

  • Apply to textile business permission authority by supporting copies are building plan copy, passport, trade license,
  • Man power list, instrument / machinery purchase list, MoA and AoA.
  • Government fees and other official extra charges are required.

How to get PI visa in Bangladesh?

  • Apply to BOI with required papers are US$ 50,000 bank paper,
  • Passport, Photo, MoA , AoA, application, and fill up prescribe form.

How to get E visa in Bangladesh?

  • Employment list, appointment letter, academic certificate, salary confirmation,
  • paper advertisement (may require), confirmation of US$ 50,000 bank letter, prescribe form.
  • Submit all papers to BOI.

How to register a branch / representative office in Bangladesh?

Supporting papers are:

  • Business detail information, board meeting minutes,
  • Passport, photo, income source clarification, audit copy of parent company.
  • Submit all papers to BOI.




Welcome to Global Company Registration Consultancy Firm

<img src="companyregistration.jpg" alt="Global Company Registration Consultancy Firm">
Global Company Registration Consultancy Firm

Welcome to Global Company Registration Consultancy Firm

Welcome to Global company formation consultancy firm. S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED has started its journey from 2012 and spread out in international arena 2014 2013. Foreign investors those have been taken services from this firm are happy and continue with joyful for the services, like account, taxation, remit permission of profit, visa and managing work permit. Additionally S & F works with confidential and trustworthy partner of the new promoters.


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