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Do you have query on company formation Sweden as foreigner, if yes kindly read? About Sweden: Sweden, formally the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian nation in Northern Europe. It fringes Norway toward the west and north and Finland toward the east, and is associated with Denmark in the southwest by a scaffold burrow over the Öresund. At 450,295 square kilometers (173,860 sq mi), Sweden is the third-biggest nation in the European Union by region. Sweden has an aggregate populace of 10.1 million of which 2.4 million has a remote foundation. It has a low populace thickness of 22 occupants for each square kilometer (57/sq mi). The most noteworthy focus is in the southern portion of the nation. Around 85% of the populace lives in urban regions.

Germanic people groups have possessed Sweden since ancient circumstances, rising into history as the Geats and Swedes and constituting the ocean people groups known as the Norsemen. Southern Sweden is transcendentally rural, while the north is intensely forested.

Sweden’s economy:

Sweden's financial opportunity score is 76.3, making its economy the fifteenth freest in the 2018 Index. Its general score has expanded by 1.4 focuses, with enhancements in legal adequacy, government trustworthiness, and property rights outpacing lower scores for the business opportunity and money related flexibility pointers. Sweden is positioned eighth among 44 nations in the Europe area, and its general score is over the local and world midpoints.

Sweden's advantageous expectations for everyday comforts result from an economy that performs ideally on account of administrative effectiveness and open-showcase arrangements that improve adaptability, intensity, and expansive streams of exchange and speculation. A straightforward administrative administration energizes hearty entrepreneurial action. Managing an account direction are sensible, and loaning hones have been judicious. The legitimate framework gives solid security to property rights, buttressing legal adequacy and government honesty. The legislature should continue circumspectly when executing its intend to infuse noteworthy financial boost through the 2018 spending plan.

Company formation Sweden is enrolled with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and there are two types of constrained obligation organizations: open or private. Since the unmistakable dominant part of financial specialists set up private limited liability s this will be the concentration in this guide.

The private limited liability company (LLC) can't offer its offers to the general population on the stock trade, some other composed commercial center or to a more extensive gathering of individuals. The base offer capital is 50,000 SEK or the proportionate sum in EUR if the organization should have Euro as its ostensible cash.

Setting up a limited liability company in Sweden

In spite of the fact that setting up a limited liability company in Sweden starting with no outside help is a moderately smooth methodology most financial specialist obtain an off the rack organization. This gives a fast access to a spic and span, pre-enlisted constrained obligation organization that has not already exchanged or generally been engaged with any business action. Moreover, the organization can begin its business when the offer buy assertion is marked and the offer capital has been exchanged to an assigned financial balance opened for the organization's sake.

The new investors should then hold an Extra General Meeting to change the articles of affiliation, change the top managerial staff and choose another name for the organization. All the progressions above should be enrolled with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

1.1. Articles of association

Contrasted with different locales, the articles of relationship in Sweden require just fundamental points of interest on how the organization will be worked. The articles must be composed in Swedish and all progressions to the articles are liable to a general gathering of the investors. The articles of affiliation must contain the accompanying points of interest:

  • The organization names
  • The area of enlisted office
  • The question of the business registration Sweden
  • The quantity of offers
  • The quantity of board individuals
  • The quantity of appointee board part
  • The quantity of inspectors
  • How the general investor's gathering will be met
  • The budgetary year of the organization

In the event that there is a need to avoid undesirable offer exchanges three sorts of arrangements can be gone into the articles: a post-deal buy right statement (most normal), a privilege of first refusal conditions or an assent provision.

1.2. Directorate

Setting up a limited liability company in Sweden the board must comprise of no less than at least one board individuals. On the off chance that under three board individuals are delegated the organization must name no less than one representative board part. On the off chance that the board contains in excess of one board part an administrator should be delegated to lead crafted by the board and ensures that the board plays out its obligations.

With respect to necessities at any rate half of the board individuals and half of the delegate board individuals needs to dwell in the European Economic Area (EEA). Likewise, if no executives dwell in Sweden a Process Agent in charge of getting administration of process should be named. This individual should be an inhabitant of Sweden however not really a worker of the organization.

Swedish company register

Swedish company register

1.3. Organization name approve as Sweden company register

The name of the organization is enrolled with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Preceding enrolling the new organization name it is attempted against other enlisted organization names and enlisted European trademarks to ensure there are no contentions. It is hence essential to direct an appropriate research on secured trademarks and friends names preceding sending proposed names to the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

  1. Bookkeeping and tax filings

The budgetary year of a limited liability organization is stipulated for in the articles of affiliation and spreads a year. The principal money related year starts when the organization is enrolled despite the fact that the organization does not take part in any financial action. The primary year the money related year can be reached out up to year and a half.

All organizations that carry on a business are obliged to keep up bookkeeping records as per the Swedish Bookkeeping Act and to consent to Swedish sound accounting guidelines. What's more, if two out of the three conditions beneath are the organization needs to designate an inspector to review the yearly records:

-Average of in excess of three representatives

-An accounting report add up to surpassing 1,5 MSEK

-Annual net deals surpassing 3MSEK

The yearly records should be documented every year to Swedish Companies Registration Office no later than seven months after the finish of the money related year. Inability to submit accounts in time brings about a fine. On the off chance that the yearly records have not been documented inside 11 months after the finish of the money related year, the Swedish Companies Registration Office may sell the organization.

With respect to a setting up a limited liability company in Sweden is obliged to record a Notification of Tax and Contributions Liability Form. The frame is for enlisting the organization for VAT and as a business if pertinent.

As to there are three appropriate rates in Sweden, 25 % and decreased rates of 12% and 6%. VAT is accounted for and paid on a quarterly or month to month premise.

Swedish government disability commitments for utilized faculty are payable by the business at a rate of 31.42 % of the gross compensation and standardized savings commitments and deducted charges are accounted for and paid month to month.

Corporate Income Tax returns likewise should be recorded on a yearly premise and the current corporate wage assess rate is 22%.

Least share capital:  The base approved offer capital is 50,000 SEK (at present, around 5,500 Euro) for Swedish company register.

Offer capital might be situated in real money or with resources which are esteemed by an expert appraiser or a bookkeeper.

The offer capital must be completely paid up at the season of enrollment.

Enrolled office:

Each Swedish organization must have a neighborhood enlisted office. This is the place correspondence and authoritative reports will be sent or by and by served approved Juridical Contact Person. One of the organization's leading body of executive's individuals must get a Swedish Personal Number.

As an option, a neighborhood approved contact individual can be delegated. This individual does not approach the organization documents and records. Nor does this individual have any risk, obligation, or approved portrayal privileges of the organization. The approved contact individual is just accessible on the off chance that the administration tries to contact board individuals who are not accessible.


The current (2017) corporate assessment rate is 22%. Sweden isn't a regional expense nation. Overall wage is incorporated into their corporate expense rate.

Organizations utilizing laborers in Sweden must enlist them with the Swedish Tax Authority (Skatteverket). Organizations paying government disability duties to Sweden by method for a proportional duty settlement among Sweden and the nation in which they are working must likewise enlist with the Swedish Tax Authority.

A few duty experts exist in Sweden relying on another organization's sort of business and which impose specialist it must enlist with. These include:

  • F-impose enrollment;
  • Bosses' enrollment.
  • VAT payer enrollment;

Other expense enrollments (RUT/ROT Ombud, Personliggare, and MOSS enlistment, and so on.)

Constrained Liability:

 Investors' liabilities are constrained to their aggregate commitments made with the organization's offer capital.


Just a single investor is required to shape an AB. The investor can be of any nationality dwelling in any nation.

Note: We guide foreign investors Swedish company register 100 percent ownership (LLC).  


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