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Company Registration – Select Your Country and Start Business Today

company registration

Company registration is the process of obtaining legalization to conduct a business. The legalization ensures that the business maintaining all the rules and regulation.  Local and foreign company registration process are not same. The rules and regulation may vary according to the policy of a country.

Every country has its own rules &regulation, terms & conditions for foreign company registration. If you want to start a business in foreign country, you should always aware of financial and economic advantage with in that country. For foreign company registration it is necessary to submit a range of document. Documents include certification, outline of the structure of company etc. 

Registration of companies is very important as it creates the business as a legal entity. Without a company registration, your company can not be legally considered. You have to pay annual returns to hold your business legality. Some common steps of company registration are follows: –

  • For company name registration you need to submit two or three names to the government register office with registration fees.
  • Company Secretary or authorized person will prepare required documents to be forwarded to government office.
  • Before submitting required papers, be ensure about registration fees.
  • The register office will verify all the supporting papers before approving new company.
  • Registration of any foreign company, needs extra permission (apart from government registrar office).
  • Once you register your company some other permission might necessary to start new business i.e. (depend upon category of business and investment volume)


Registering a foreign company can offer your significant advantage in some situation. Some countries allow 100% foreign owner ship, which works as an advantage for entrepreneur.

This article explains the importance & process of company registration in foreign country. If you face any difficulties with company registration be sure to contact us. S&F consulting firm is always there to help you out.

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