Denmark Foreign Business Registration

Denmark Foreign Business Registration

Our service area: Denmark foreign business registration-incorporation service;

  • Manages business license, branch office registration;
  • Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),
  • Accounts , audit preparation, income tax and financial advisory in Denmark;

Denmark Foreign Business Registration

Step by step Denmark Foreign Business Registration-Incorporation process:

  • 125,000 DKK clear from owe period of twice years from incorporation of the organization, provided that fifty percent of the sum shall have to be ensured within two months;
  • Local member has to engage in case of more than one share holders are existed, provided that number of sponsors may increase upon sum of capital;
  • If investment crosses ceiling 300,000 DKK three other members shall be engaged and local man power shall be appointed at least 35 in Denmark foreign business registration;
  • For JS public limited make sure capital of 500,000 Denmark Currency;
  • Particular forms, trade area and apart from these MOA of the organization have to submit to the authority and after approval is allowed starting business as foreign direct investor;
  • Being subsidiary organization is free to submit economic details to the authority of Danish;

Note: We provide business registration service in Denmark for foreigner, only.

 Branch Office setup in Denmark

Following papers are required for branch office setup in Denmark:

  • EU countries get benefit of opening branch office but for the non EU shall have to supply; documents of the mother company those shall be attested by the embassy of Denmark;
  • Each business is recognized as name which should choice first in Denmark;
  • Chamber of commerce letter and opening a bank account are part of starting business activities.
  • Business activities, name, information of share holders, financial data must convert to Danish language with attested;
  • Branch office is not tax payer ;
  • Virtual office is popular to forming which is minimize of risk;
  • Representative office is another alternate preferred by no residence which is neither branch nor subsidiary but is allowed to operation her;

VAT rate for the corporate is 25 per cent and corporate tax is 24.5 per cent and 28 per cent additional tax is applicable on profit.


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