Egypt Foreign Company Registration

Egypt foreign company registration

Our service: Egypt foreign company registration, accounts, audit, income tax and financial advisory.

  • Registration process: Ensure company name approval, Address, MOA preparation, Papers notary, Trade authorization, VAT (Value added tax) and other permission is required to register a private limited company;
  • Minimum share holder , 2 (two) and maximum 50 (fifty) for LLC registration in Egypt;
  • Lowest share value of £50,000 (fifty thousand) , for private limited company, have to remit as Foreign Direct Investment guide line;
  • Worth of each share £100 (one hundred pound ) in Egypt foreign company registration policy;
  • Lowest share value of £250,000, for Commandite, have to remit to incorporation limited company as FDI;
  • Lowest two promoters for Commandite;
  • Corporate Tax is 42 per cent in Egypt;
  • Stock Exchange restriction is to offer shares to public by single year;
  • Minimum three members are needful to create joint stock trading with caring equal liabilities;
  • Wholly own non Egyptian enterprise one top level management hiring need to ensure who is Egyptian;
  • Between two parties of Egyptian and non residence make an agreement to begin business together is called joint venture that is allowed as law of the country here;
  • Banks of this state are friendly to non residence investors to cooperate them opening account or apply for credit;

Note: We provide company registration service in Egypt for foreigner.


 Branch Office Registration in Egypt

 Branch Office Registration in Egypt

Following supporting papers are required for branch office registration in Egypt:

  • Various lawful certificates of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors;
  • POA (authority of somebody) who shall work in favor of mother organization;
  • Around a month time may need to complete registration process;
  • Profit should allocate among employees at 10 per cent;
  • Commercial starting is not disallowed by law ;
  • Permission to opens is given from ministry of internal upon consideration;
  • Branch office tax is 10 per cent;
  • Ten years tax free facility may enjoy on condition of establishing in municipal area and honor with policy of hiring man power;
  • Beginning operation in free zone shall have to be taken permission of commercial authority;


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