India Foreign Company Registration-Formation

India foreign company registration-formation

Our service area: India foreign company registration-formation/ company registration in India;

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Let discuss on company registration service in India and process:-

  • Approval government department Ministry of economics of venture promotion grant to the applicants of incorporation;
  • Ensure institution Name , a place what shall be used for communication, MOA, filling papers those are attested by the person of government allowed;
  • In addition licensing for beginning trade and any other those are required permissions including VAT to doing foreign trading;
  • Individual detail information of the initiators as outsider of the country cannot skip to disclose the authority;
  • Minimum share holder and director are one + one required to create new business; at most level 200 (two hundred) shares in India foreign company registration-formation;
  • Lowest share is open, promoters may choice freely, as directly investment policy and check out Indian rupee conversion rate to Sri Lankan rupees;
  • Listing with Chamber of commerce of the state , as fdi course of action;
  • Insurance for the organization cannot avoid but not necessary for all enterprise to formation a new organization;
  • Commerce ministry, permission authority, approve a fresh organization;
  • Particular forms, trade area and apart from these MOA of the organization have to submit to the authority and after approval is allowed starting business as foreign direct investor;
  • Some sectors are preferred by government where permission is granted without hassle to begin operation where interfere of RBI is not allowed;
  • Without approval of Investment Promotion Board fresh entity can begin business and expand operation as desired;

Joint Venture Company Registration in India

  • Local and foreign jointly may form a business where local partners should minimum specific share of whole share amount;
  • Local partners may hold maximum 51 percent of share whereas overseas promoters may hold rest of 49 percent;

Branch Office opens in India

  • Documents are needful from main corporation as described:
  • Different permitted papers of the head firm with attested by embassy
  • Meeting decision from sponsors
  • Legal power dedicate someone who shall carry on in favor of mother organization
  • About more a month (6 weeks ) might needful to complete registration process
  • US Dollar 100,000 (one hundred thousand) cannot avoid to repatriate in India
  • Most of the foreign banks cooperate the non Indian investors to open account and credit purpose;
  • RBI allow to begin operation of the non Indians liaison office and at first permission can be given for three years and that can be extended again receiving application before expiry in India foreign company registration-formation;
  • Such office is not allowed to begin commercial activities and promotions of the goods in India market;
  • Producing and serving activities are allowed those offices are established in side of free zone after approve of RBI;

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