Italy Foreign Company Registration

Italy Foreign Company Registration

Our service area: Italy foreign company registration-incorporation service;

  • Manages business license, branch office registration;
  • Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),
  • Accounts , audit preparation, income tax and financial advisory in Italy

Italy Foreign Company Registration

Step by step Italy Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation process:

  • Government providing obligatory credentials is another step towards establishment fresh entity;
  • MoA, other essentials like sponsors data with share allocation, VAT certificate and Trade permission certificate in Italy Foreign Company Registration;
  • It’s a rules to drop 25 per cent sum of capital to bank as procedure of incorporation business;
  • Lowest sum to deposit as overseas investment (FDI) guide is €10,000;
  • Lowest sum to drop in bank as foreign direct deal is €120,000 in terms of Joint Stock Organization;
  • Sponsor invest as FDI or Italian that are not issue of concern doing trade here;
  • After making certain least amount to bank opening account is allowable which helps starting business;
  • Banks of this state are friendly to non residence investors to cooperate them opening account or apply for credit;

Corporate tax rate between 3.9 per cent to 27.50 per cent, differ from business to business

  • We provide company registration service in Italy for foreigner, only.

Representative Office opens in Italy

  • Representative office is denied to earning and trading;
  • It’s called a temporary office;
  • It can work for promotion of the commerce;
  • This type of office registration manner is similar to area office ;

Branch Office setup in Italy

Below fields are needful to establish branch office in Italy:

  • Legal copies of the mother company and enclose financial statement;
  • A representative , appointing as law , who shall carry on the activities on behalf of main corporation;
  • Information of promoter with snap copy should proceed;
  • Office rent or lease deed to begin fresh operation in Italy;
  • All necessary documents shall have to be attested from embassy and seal of notary as process of formation;


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