Korea Foreign Company Registration

Our service area: Korea foreign company registration service;

  • Company registration in Korea for foreigner (private limited company-LLC, JV, branch office)
  • Income tax, accounts, audit and financial advisory in Korea;

Let discuss in detail about company registration process in Korea step by step:-

  • Ensure institution name to be approved at the beginning, a place what shall be used correspondence, MOA, Papers those are attested by the person of government endorsed, license for starting, and others those required permissions including VAT to doing foreign trading;
  • Hundred percent nonresident ownership is allowed;
  • To begin fresh enterprise one share member is required with one director and no domestic entrepreneur id required;
  • Corporate tax twenty percent if capital is two hundred million KRW;
  • Corporate tax ten percent if capital is one hundred million;
  • To incorporation a fresh entity almost US Dollar ten thousand is required
  • More than fifty percent share amount can be owned by nonresident;
  • Trade tax is applicable eleven to twenty four on capital increasing;
  • Business VAT rate is ten percent ;
  • Government encourage to invest in different sectors to generate profit using resource of Korea;
  • In case of joint venture enterprise nonresident sponsors shall hold maximum number of share of the entity;
  • All non domestic organisation shall follow rules of government running business, Korea Foreign Company Registration;

 Branch office open in Korea

  • Commercial transactions are allowed here for this type of area office;;
  • Such office is fully independent from main corporation;
  • There are different approval papers of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors;
  • Power given a human , local agent, who shall proceed taking liabilities in favor of mother organization;
  • About more a month (4 weeks ) might needful to complete registration process;
  • Enclosed documents conversion in English;
  • Banks, local and international, are available to cooperate them opening account and credit facilities;


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