New Zealand Foreign Company Registration Process

New Zealand Foreign Company Registration Process

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Step by step New Zealand foreign company registration process:

  • Company registration process: Ensure institution Name, a place what shall be used correspondence, MOA, Papers those are attested by the person of government-endorsed,
  • Business license for starting a business in New Zealand and others those required permissions to register a private limited company in New Zealand as foreigner;
  • To start fresh nonresident enterprise in New Zealand one share member and one director should be confirmed from any nation;
  • To set up such organization minimum share amount sum is not fixed in New Zealand Foreign Company Registration;
  • In terms of creating an entity jointly noncitizens can hold fifty percent of total;
  • Do not forget to ensure submitting financial report timely to rescue from penalty;
  • System to incorporation entity from Australia is easier like domestic corporation;

Note: We provide company registration service in New Zealand for foreigner, only.

Let's discuss in detail, step by step of company registration in New Zealand and process of them:-

step by step details on company registration in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country very much friendly and supportive to businesses. It welcomes foreign businesses and companies to operate their businesses while protecting the interests of its inhabitants and preserving its nature. This means a business is quite free to run its operation while sticking to the rules and regulations. In protecting investors’ interests it is ahead of the rest all in the OECD countries. The Economic Freedom Index [EFI] 2017 of Heritage Foundation-Wall Street Journal ranks New Zealand 3rd [in the top five free economy group] among 180 world nations.

Registering foreign companies  

An overseas company can operate in New Zealand in one of the following three ways:

Subsidiary [New Zealand Company on the New Zealand register]

A subsidiary company is an entity belongs to a parent company [overseas company]. You can establish a wholly owned New Zealand subsidiary by registering a New Zealand company with 100% shareholding held by the overseas company.

Branch [the New Zealand operations of foreign company on the New Zealand overseas register]

A branch means the New Zealand operations of an overseas company. It is not a separate legal entity. The New Zealand operations of a foreign branch will be governed by New Zealand law.

Section XVIII of the Companies Act 1993 [sections 332-337] requires overseas companies that commence business in New Zealand to register on the overseas register within the 10 working days following.

Becoming a New Zealand company

This option permits a foreign company to relinquish its country of registration and transfer the same to the New Zealand Companies Office Register.  To do so, the foreign company applies under section XIX of the companies Act and to a New Zealand company by registering under section II of the Companies Act 1993.

The registering of a foreign company

A foreign company in New Zealand can be registered online with New Zealand Companies Office having a web address. It is very simple and less costly requiring only NZ$11.50 to reserve the name plus NZ$120.75 to apply for registration of the company. By following steps you can start and complete your registration online

  • Select Online Services - Do It Now
  • Choose Register an overseas company

Step 1 | Applying to reserve the company name

Reserving the name of the company exactly as same as registered in the home country is step 1 of the registering process in New Zealand. You are required to submit your application for the same with $11.50 as fee for reserving a name. In case you apply to reserve a name during normal business hours starting from 8:30 am - 5 pm continuing from Monday to Friday other than Public Holidays, you will receive a confirmation email within 2 hours from the office.

Step 2 | Apply to register an overseas company

To complete your application to register a company as an overseas company you will need to provide following information:

  • Company address details
  • Date commenced business under Section 334(1) of the Companies Act 1993
  • Annual accounts filing month
  • Financial reporting month [ for large companies under section 207D of the Companies Act 1993,
  • Certificate of incorporation [ Home Country]
  • Director details  [ in New Zealand and in home country]
  • Constitution [ Memorandum and Articles of Association] of the company as registered in Home Country
  • Payment  of fee N$ can be made through a debit or credit card

AS soon as all of these steps have been completed, a Certificate of Registration of the company will then appear on the New Zealand's overseas companies register.

Transferring incorporation to New Zealand 


Section XIX of the Companies Act 1993 permits a company registered outside New Zealand to transfer its registration in its home country to New Zealand. The intending foreign company requiring filling in the paper application Form 20 as per Companies Act 1993 & Regulations 1994 to transfer its foreign registration in favor of registration in New Zealand.

Registration/ formation procedure

The foreign company is required to file following documents in this connection:

  • Form 20 [Application by the foreign company to register as a New Zealand company] duly signed by a director;
  • Name reserved ending in “Limited”, if the company is to be a limited liability company in New Zealand;
  • Certified/ Notarised copy of the certificate of registration or similar document that evidencing the registration of the foreign company in its home country;
  • Certified /Notarised copy of the constitution[ memorandum and Articles of Association] of the overseas company; and
  • A Statutory declaration by a director or an authorized person certifying that the foreign company is not prevented from being registered as a company under section 346 or section 347 of the companies act 1993 in line with the declaration under the Oaths & Declaration Act 1957. The declaration vary with the country [ In New Zealand , in a Commonwealth country or in a non-Commonwealth country] it is made

If the documents are in order as to form, the Registrar will liaise with the applicant or its representatives in New Zealand for the company to be registered using the on-line procedure under the reserved name. At the same time, the Registrar will attach Form 20 and the documents above to the registration to enable the transfer to New Zealand to take place.

On the off chance that the abroad organization is as of now enrolled on the abroad enlist under area XVIII of the Companies Act 1993 for which confirmation of consolidation and established archives will as of now be on record, these need not be given again segment 345(2)).

On registration, the overseas constitutional documents cease to have effect. Consequently as a component of the online joining, the organization can enroll a constitution consenting to the Act reasonable for it in New Zealand.

At this time, the foreign company is in a position to completely remove its name from the register in the home country or country where it was registered under the local law.

As usual, the name reservation can be completed online via the name reservation function as for a fee of $11.50 and a registration fee of $120.75 is payable to register the company as a New Zealand company.

 Branch Office Open in New Zealand

Following papers are need for branch office open in New Zealand:

  • Commercial transactions are allowed here for this type of area office;;
  • There are different approval papers of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors;
  • Power given a human, local agent, who shall proceed taking liabilities in favor of mother organization;
  • About more a month (4 weeks ) might needful to complete the registration process;
  • Enclosed documents conversion in English;
  • Banks, local and international, are available to cooperate them opening account and credit facilities;
  • To finish entire process to permission may need not more than ten days;
  • Enterprise name reservation is step of beginning fresh liaison office;
  • Be careful to register in proper way as law of the FDI without this issue may raise of penalty amounting to NZ ten thousand, provided that such office is permitted from ministry of economy of the state;

Taxation in New Zealand

  • Corporate tax has been flat rated twenty-eight percent;
  • In case of a dividend of the organization tax shall be applicable of thirty percent, where royalty tax fifteen percent;

Visa in New Zealand

  • Different types of visa process in which applicants are applied , work authorize for skilled, holiday, under dwelling , impermanent work
  • Getting functioning holiday visa age should be between eighteen to thirty year old;


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