Small business ideas in Chile

Small business ideas in Chile

The Republic of Chile is a business-oriented country in South America and so, let show you some small business ideas in Chile. It is ranked 57th among 190 countries of the world in the Ease of Business index by the World Bank. With the zeroing of business registration costs, the business opportunities in Chile are going to become even more promising than ever.

No business is too small and no customer is too big. This is the core concept of success in business, small or big. Businesses that are handy returns most than it costs if managed with prudence and patience. Following are some of the small business ideas that would prove to be productive and rewarding as well in Chile, if you steer it to the right direction.

Real Estate

Chile is fast becoming the easy-going place for businesses and has already been turned into a lucrative destination for overseas investors. Marching along with this is the demands for real estates in Chile. Working as a real estate agent that deals specifically with office space, and maybe homes and apartments in and around the city centers close, would probably be one of the fastest ways to make money over the coming years.

Rock Climbing Gym

Health or fitness gyms are one of the commonest and popular ventures around the world. People love to become members of gyms of these sorts. A rock climbing gym is a business of different taste and unlike traditional gyms. In a country rich in mountains, people traditionally longing for climbing as a favorite pastime. Away from the traditional gym facilities and activities, there are loads of peoples love to come to a gym that organizes climbing events and imparts training on climbing. Chile has rooms for climbing activities and so for gyms.

Well, rock climbing gyms are a bit capital intensive but assurances are there to reach the breakeven point within a year or two. If you yourself are a climber then this business forecasts immediate success. If not, you can either partner with some experts or hire someone to oversee the technical aspects.

Apps Developer 

If your computer literacy is rich specially in the software region, this would be a highly rewarding line to dig yourself in. Even though it offers a lot of competitions, still rooms are there to occupy owing to the ever increasing uses of electronic devices that requiring these Apps.

The uses of cell phones, tabs and computers are on the rise and there are scopes for upscale applications, particularly in the fields of Travelling, Health & Fitness, Home remedies, Entertainments, Street traffics, Safety & Security, Education & knowledge etc. to work for.

Along with usual apps developing programs, you can impart training or organize training courses sharing your know-how on this as a different business wing.

Online Store

As in everywhere in the world, trading online is a trendy but thriving business. More and more people are going online to meet their shopping needs starting from household merchandise to office supplies. Busy traffics and city life forcing people to shop online as it does home deliveries of merchandise ordered. Everything from grocery to luxury is just clicked away now a day making shopping easy.

Indeed, online or virtual stores are going fifty-fifty with Physical stores. You can store a wide range of merchandises or concentrate in specific merchandise to sell. With a very responsive and user-friendly web store loaded with trendy products and commitment of prompt deliveries, this going to be a business that won’t fail in this digital age.

Social media marketing

Another profitable venture on the digital platform is SMM, being cream small business ideas in Chile. You would experience individual fan pages of individual entities in different internet based social Medias like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter. With the virtual world gets going, individuals, business and corporate bodies find it no less important to maintain presence on these platforms.

In these they inter-act with their visitors, clients, customers and organize various events to help grow businesses. The businesses and the corporate houses outsource these responsibilities to some individuals or firms through contracts to manage their pages effectively and fruitfully. As in everywhere, it’s too a business that has a good prospect in Chile.

If you are fit to this and have some reasonable contacts in the Chilean business and corporate world you should try this. You should have an office with computers and peripherals and high speed internet connectivity to organize a venture of this type. You may also need some visualizers to handle some photo editing and digital designing jobs for your customers as and when necessary.

Tour Operator

Latin America is historically a favorite tourist’s destination owing to its scenic and variant natures. Throughout the year, Chile too experience influx of tourists. It has some extreme areas or spots like Plaza de Armas, Torres del paine national park, San pedro de Atacama, Valparaiso that attracts tourists round the year from around the world.

So, to say, tourism has become one of the key sources of income for Chile since 2005. Arranging tour plans, tourists guide services, transporting tourists to and from different destinations, arranging tickets would no doubt pay back well. You may even sell air tickets armed with agreements with the GSAs of different airlines on the basis of commissions.

Vehicle Rentals [Human Hauling]

Chile experience notable volume of visitors throughout the year. Since Chile is fast becoming a comfortable business destination, visitors from the business world are coming more and more here in Chile, along with its traditional tourist visitors. These peoples need transports. There are businesses already moving people but not enough in view of the growing numbers of visitors.

If you can buy cars or other suitable human haulers you can rent out these for money. If you don’t own any of these, still you can handle this business by developing and managing a network of vehicle owners who have transports remain idle for most of the day. Use these vehicles on profit sharing basis or on the basis of mileage used.

The businesses above can either be small or big in size. It’s better to begin with small scale with less headache and capital involvement. In the course of time you yourself would gauge the progress while gathering experience and knowledge. Depending on the progress you expand it gradually to a feasible size. Some other small business ideas in Chile are not taken for discussion as following businesses are preferred in our choice.

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