Small business ideas in China

Small business ideas in China

Our discussion on small business ideas in China might be choice by young entrepreneurs. The People’s Republic of China is the second largest economy in the world. Although not that much business-friendly [ranked 127th in Starting Business index and 78th in Ease of business Index out of 190 nations], almost every Fortune 500 company have established businesses in China, because of its quality infrastructure, rich industrial and natural resources, comparatively  cheap skilled huge human resources and  a huge market size of 1.38 billion people. Each and every sector of its economy is thriving.

China’s position in the global economy is too relating to the promotion of small-scale businesses in the country and some which have become leaders in the respective industries. So, if you are a resident living in China and planning to start a business in China, you need to choose good business.

Following are the list of profitable small business ideas in China, hope it will be good for startup:

Virtual Assistant services

 A Decent livelihood can be assured if you start rendering services as a virtual assistant in China. Against contracts, you would carry out the secretarial jobs for executives in China ranging from maintaining the database, coordinating travel arrangements, making and organizing appointments, business meetings, keeping periodical contacts with clientele and a host of others. This is smart small business ideas in China now a day to earn big number of revenue gradually.

Cargo Haulage services

Productive country like P.R China experiences huge transportation jobs to and from destinations on day to day basis. There are transportations for raw materials, finished goods and distribution services exist to handle against contracts ranging daily to monthly to yearly basis. Along with the huge volume of goods being produced in China every day, the need for transportation services to move these goods cannot be under-estimated.

Cell Phones Accessories

No nation in the world could compete with China as far as manufacturing of Cell phones and its accessories is the question. Well, manufacturing of Cell phones is capital intensive, but manufacturing of its different accessories like covers, chargers, head phones are not.

Chinese made Cell phones accessories are readily available all over the world. You don’t have to worry about selling any volumes as these have smooth access to local and international markets. As being China is master of phone and phone accessories so considering that call phone accessories is another small business ideas in China.

Bags and Shoe Production

Another lucrative business you can try in China for sure. Chinese made Shoes and bags are rich in design but cheap in prices. Thus, these enjoy a good market share around the world. You can develop and make these by yourself or can have these for your venture through OEM [Original Equipment manufacturer] system.

You don’t have to worry about marketing as these can be sold locally and internationally. What you need to ensure is the designs that reflect the trends. No doubt, there is always a very high demand for Chinese origin products like shoes and bags due to their low prices, especially in the developing countries. 

Warehousing and Distribution Service

With 3.705 million mi² area, the Peoples’ Republic of China is huge. To cope with this manufacturing industries here in China have to look for warehousing of their merchandise throughout the country to maintain distribution services.

Usually, a distribution and warehousing company handles shipping and receipt of goods for businesses concerned. If you do have empty spaces you can construct a warehouse suitable for storing merchandises without causing any damages and let it out. This is business requiring a handsome amount of capital for construction. In case you have ready space that can be converted into a warehouse readily, then it won’t be at all a capital intensive project to start.

Online Store

Chinese people now a day lead a very busy life, especially in the urban areas. In this age of the internet, one inclined to shop online his or her daily necessities. In an online store, anything from house-hold to professional can be sold. So to say, the volume of online shopping is steadily increasing throughout the world. What you need to develop first is a website that is engaging, and highly maneuverable.

Then you stuff it with ranges of products that people love to buy online. You must maintain the committed delivery schedule and update your stock regularly to ensure repeat patronage. You should also open a facebook fan page for the publicity of your online store along with other print and electronic media. You can rest assured of your success, once you maintain sizable stocks of merchandises meeting the demands of customers with quality and competitive price.

Clearing & forwarding Services

Every nation is engaged in Import & Export trades requiring the services of a freight forwarder or of a Clearing & Forwarding Agent. In case you do have the required logistics and required business expertise you can start one here in China with a lot of promises. As a freight forwarder or a clearing & forwarding Agent, your job is to act as a mediator between shippers and client companies who need your services and facilities.

You will be required to clearing goods from the ports after performing customs formalities on behalf of your client then transporting the consignment to its desired destination.  On the other end, while acting as a forwarding agent is required arranging shipments of the cargos of your clients to desired destinations that involve Pre-carriages, Main-carriages and On Carriages.  However, you might need a license to work as a Clearing & Forwarding Agent.

Indenting services

In simple words, this means making a bridge in between makers and consumers or sellers and buyers against a commission. There are manufacturers who could not ideally locate the prospective customers owing to different barriers. On the other end, there are customers or consumers of specific products or services don’t know details of suitable makers to contact.

Here you play your role simply with an office with computers and internet connectivity. You will be representing some manufacturers to sell their produces in China on a commission basis. The more and reputed are the makers the more is your business in this regard.

Travel Agency service

Lots of peoples from around the world visit China through the year owing to either business or sightseeing. Apart from the business world, China is rich with some famous tourist destinations that attract tourists year round. Services like managing tickets to arranging suitable hotels, lodges and transporting to and from different destinations are all under one roof to manage for money. Although, the travel agency is other small business ideas in China and any country so young investors may pick positively.

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