Small Business Ideas in Kenya

small business ideas in Kenya

Looking to start a business in a foreign country can be a daunting task. As our small business ideas in Kenya, we know quite often an entrepreneur may not have the sufficient capital to start any trading. But in most cases, foreign investors look for foreign countries to invest in with the backing of decent amount of capital. The main problem that they face is that they do not have enough business ideas or what to start. For instance, a trading idea in the United Kingdom may not be as popular or effective in a country like Kenya. So if you are looking to invest , then you need to have an idea as to what kind of businesses will be effective. Listed below are some small ideas in Kenya.

Real Estate Business Ideas

Owning a plot of land has become a coveted thing in Kenya. With an ever increasing population, the demand for land has been at an all time high. However, while most investors think that buying land and selling them off at a high price is the best thing to do, it is actually more profitable if you develop that land and sell it. This ensures a huge profit than just flipping the land. Therefore, if you have a sufficient amount of capital, then investing in the real estate business will be the wisest thing to do.

Child Care Center Business

The Kenyan people do not trust their house help or home maids. This is because there have been numerous cases where the domestic help has abused the babies at home or have even sold them off. Therefore hard working parents are at a dilemma as to how to keep their babies and kids safe while they go to work. This has led to an increase in demand for child care centers. Starting a child care facility business will ensure you get a lot of customers and providing them with great service will only lead to booming businesses and has huge growth for improvement.

Vending Machine Business Ideas

One of the most risk free small business ideas in Kenya to engage starting a vending machine business. Kenyans are quite busy. They are always on the run and do not seem to have enough time to actually go to a restaurant and buy food. A smart business idea to cater to these people would be to install vending machines in and around public places and even in office spaces too. Providing basic necessities such as water, milk, juice, dry fruits, biscuits, sandwiches and other light food would sell the best as they are cheap to purchase and easy to consume. Placing these vending machines in strategic places where the crowd is at its peak will ensure a lot of daily sales.

Restaurant Business

If there is one thing that will never go out of business then it is restaurant as our small business ideas in Kenya. People will always need food and providing them delicious food with great services in your restaurant will only boost up your revenue. If you have an authentic product or food that you love, you can introduce it in your restaurant. This will attract a lot of customers as people are always looking for something new. If done right, the restaurant can start opening up branches and expand further in the country and become a big name.

Garbage collection

The garbage collection done by the government has collapsed years ago. Currently, it is being done by private sectors. So this is an opportunity for foreign investors to engage in this business as there are very few companies that are willing to do this. Staring a small business that collects garbage from each home for a monthly fee is a great way to start a business. It is almost risk free and will require very little capital to start up. With an ever increasing number of homes in Kenya, the customer line for this kind of service will be huge and can be profitable too.

Mobile Car Wash Business

While car servicing services are ample in Kenya, there isn’t exactly any sort of mobile car washing services. This basically means, the business will send over people to the client’s home and wash their cars there. This will ensure that the owner of the car won’t have to drop off their car at the facility and waste time there. All the work will be done at the convenient place of their garage of their streets. It’s the kind of luxury that Kenya isn’t used to but they will be open to it.

Entertainment Zone Business

This is the kind of small business ideas in Kenya which wouldn’t take much capital but it is kind of risky. Entertainment is something that needs constant changing and marketing to draw the people there. Starting a business that provides gaming facilities such as arcade games, bowling alleys, pool tables, karaoke facilities and so on will drag in a lot of customers, especially the young generations. These people are always looking for things to do for fun and even adults can come during their free time. Its sure to draw in a lot of revenue and if done right, will be quite profitable too.

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