Small Business Ideas in Oman

We cannot discuss on all other small business ideas in Oman those might be attractive also. Oman is one of those countries that is heavily reliant on foreign goods and services. While it is not a very sustainable way of living, Oman are doing very well using this strategy.

Despite that, the government of Oman has gone on to decide that they shall focus on utilizing their foreign development investments more efficiently. They want to focus on their FDIs and make it resourceful to improve the current GDP of the country. So if there was ever a time to invest in Oman, then now is the moment. If you are a foreign investor who is looking to start some sort of business in Oman, then listed below are some of the business ideas one can implement in Oman.

Small Business Ideas in Oman

Tourism & Travels:

One of the key changes that the government of Oman is bringing is to expand the tourism industry that is some small business ideas in Oman. While the country isn’t exactly known for attracting tourists, there is huge potential in it. And since there is huge potential, any sort of investment by foreign investors would be hugely welcomed by the Oman government.

If you are the kind of person who wants to invest in tourism and travels then the best thing would be to start of small with a local travel agency. Provide amenities such as accommodations and pick and drop services for tourists. Once that builds up, your business can work on expanding to providing deals such as sight seeing tours, activities that can be done by the tourists and even start some sort of souvenir shops.

Technology Based Startups:

It is no secret that the entire world has moved to the digital phase. Almost everything and anything can be done digitally. So it comes as no surprise to see that Oman is also leaning toward the technology based industry. Investing in the technology based startups in a country like Oman will reap three times the rewards than investing in the same industry in a country like the United States or United Kingdom.

The progress in Oman is a little slower and this makes it perfect to invest in technology based startups. Business services such as food delivery, app based transport, mobile app grocery shops, e-commerce, online stores for kids and so much more. These all have huge potential that needs to be exploited and only FDIs can allow them to bloom.

Event Management:

If there is something that the Omanis have in abundance then it is money. These people have a lot of money and thus they are always hosting parties and throwing events. Starting an event management company or firm is likely to bring in a lot of revenue. Providing services that are of the international level standards with top tier decorations and beautiful organizations will allow your business to do extremely well. There wont be any shortage of customers nor any lack of revenue.

Low investment, well communication, network and arrange part time people to delivery any project on time are key essential being small business ideas in Oman for this business.

On road servicing agency:

The Omanis love to travel a lot and the great many roads make it easier for them to travel too. However, they are often complaining about their cars breaking down during such trips that require servicing. Investing in businesses that provide on the road servicing is a brilliant idea.

These way the costs of running such a business will be low because the company will not have to rent out spaces to do fixings as all the work will be done on the road. And the frequency of the car break downs will ensure that the business has enough customers to operate smoothly.


If there is ever a business which will never go out of fashion then it is the restaurant and food business. Investing in a restaurant is the safest thing one can do especially in a foreign country. This is because a foreign investor can introduce their own local taste and cuisiine to the new country. Opening a new restaurant in Oman may be a clever thing to do and having a unique flavor, dish or cuisine will ensure that the business does well and yield heavy returns on investment.

Filling station:

No surprise that Oman is heavily linked with the dealings of oil and other refiniries. While you cannot provide oil to a country like Oman, you could invest in filling stations. There is plenty of oil companies and they have their own filling station. So it is wise to invest in one of the local filling stations.

By doing so, you could improve the business and provide top notch services. This will ensure that you are part of the main business in Oman without having to do much investment as you would already most of the work set up.

Transporting Business:

As mentioned earlier, Oman is heavily reliant on importing goods from other countries. Thus there is a lot of goods and products that are being shipped in everyday. All these products need to be transferred to the local companies that are spread all over the country.

By investing in transporting business you can be the delivery party for the shipped goods and the local companies. There is plenty of work to be done, so if the transporting services are of high quality, you can essentially capture the market and keep expanding your business.

Grain Farming:

Oman is known for consuming a lot of grain products. In fact grain is one of their staple products. So if your area of investment is in the agricultural side then one can consider investing in grain farming. Buying land would be of the top priority and then farming the grain would be the secondary task. Once the grain has been cultivated, selling them would be easy as there is always a huge demand for it.

Vegetable Farming:

Another produce that the Omani people are fond of is vegetables. Investing in vegetable farming is quite easy compared to all other small business ideas in Oman. The only problem one would face is to create an irrigation channel to water the plants. Once that is taken care of, one can decide what kind of vegetables they would like to produce. It is an easy choice because Omani people love all kind of vegetables as long as they are fresh.


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